The IMPOSSIBLE 3.2 Battles! Injustice Gods Among Us 3.2! iOS/Android!

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I go on the new battle in 3.2! It includes more tough bosses than previous updates! I plan to beat the entire ladder fully!

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I had subtitles on and it read “Hello guys Mr. VIRGIN here”😂😂💀💀💀

Author — Elder Saca


That damage is because his ability multiplies basic attack by up to 3x as he fights

Author — Seif Sameh


"here we have the dream team"
5 minutes later
"our team sucks ass"

Author — dewae115


Imagine how it is for the non-hackers lol, but yea practically impossible

Author — Subconscious_San


A year later and this man still plays he is number one now on the leaderboard 😭😭

Author — Young Allen


MisterMirza: you can’t do basic attacks because he will only block

Then hit Superman with a basic attack

Author — Spin.XO._.


I just used Luchador Bane instead of earth 2 flash on that team with Astro harness, cloak of destiny, and tantu and the damage was beautiful

Author — Dillpickle dude080


Use death cart and ilbistick on a single character and tag in and quickly use a special while it’s shooting, it can inflict lots of burning

Author — Pillowcase Corner


What's annoying about these fights is that they don't have the amount of health it says they do
I hit Harley Quinn with an injustice 2 super man sp2 and each of the 3 hits did about 160k and took less than half her health

Author — ohBoxx


You can beat every one with a heart of darkness, inchantress support card and Ibistick with the Batman that starts of with two power bars using his first power move while the skulls hit them which will activate the ibistick each skull and twice on the on the first super move

Author — Miguel Saavedra


10:58 the moment I have been waiting for

Author — s


Started playing injustice again because of you, thanks mistermirza your videos are always good keep it up

Author — Joon Han


I think you might need blackest night flash on your team cause he got resurrected like two times

Author — Johnny DeGuz


I have never seen someone put so much effort into a video about a mobile game but I respect the grind

Author — Brudda Osas


When you know he's a noob, because he doesn't use DOT Damage like Shono does.

Author — Kuiperuwu


My opinion: “This has helped me out!”
Link:“ 𝘼𝙋𝙋𝙄.𝙍𝙀𝙎𝙏 “
Final conclusion: “I'm glad I tried it.“


Author — Daisy Werts


They're not impossible, but they are indeed extremely difficult. The Batman Ninja Catwoman boss is ridiculously OP and NetherRealm was clearly intoxicated when they made her have TWO MILLION HEALTH and inflict TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DAMAGE PER SP1 CRIT.


Author — TOTMGsRock xD


Also remember different character abilities that also helps out a lot

Author — Kyle S


I did it with an elite 7 non augmented team. Very easy.
•static with the deathcart + ibistick + league of assassins sword.
• rebirth raven with cloak of destiny, nekron’s scythe and heart pf darkness
•gaslight batman with the quake engine, lexcorp helmet and astro harness

So what u gonna do is switch to static and use special 1 to stun asap. The hits of the death cart and sp1 will make your enemies get 2 bars of power. Steal the power with raven and do sp2. U repeat that process with both characters.
Gaslight batman is just there so that the engine doubles the time his passive works. Your enemies won’t deal basic damage for twice as long. Soooo basically not only do they not hit u with basic damage, they can’t also with the sp damage because it’s stolen. And they also get dot damage all the time.

That dot works even in the first fight because dot helps the blackest night go to 2 bars which will immediately go to raven.

Start the battles with them arranged with this order:
Gaslight batman, static, raven.

I’ve used this team against even in the last bonus chapter. It’s really good. You don’t even loose health

Author — Toa Lhikan


Eu sou brasileiro mais acho muito engraçado seu jeito de jogar e sua edição

Author — Alessandro Martins