Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper: The 60 Minutes Interview

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

In his new memoir, “A Sacred Oath,” Esper writes that he had to press President Trump to send aid to Ukraine, and also walked the president back from ideas such as shooting protesters and missile strikes in Mexico.

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"My oath is to the constitution, NOT to him"
Perfect 👌

Author — Ameer Thalgi


Esper is a conservative, and a patriot. I'm a liberal, and I think, a patriot. We swore an oath to the U.S. Constitution, not the POTUS.

Author — Daniel Brown


I know this hero in Iraq 1990
I was his translator
He was younger than me, but way cooler
I knew he was not ordinary man
Now Iam proud of his courage

Author — Waleed Algharabally


His loyalty belongs to the constitution not any one person, Trump or not!

Author — Lesley C


I've got goosebumps. Esper is an honest, admirable man. Esper is a patriot

Author — Marie Medeiros


The mentioned “revolving door” between Pentagon jobs and weapons contractor lobbying is a national disgrace. Nobody who has been through it is an ethical person.

Author — Gary Cooper


"My oath is to the Constitution, not to the President" .... I'm sure Meadows had a lot of trouble wrapping his head around that one.

Author — Chris Tatnall


Thank you sir for your dedication to the country and not becoming a sick sycophant.

Author — sonics25


I totally understand what you did and I thank you and love you so much. GOD BLESS People who sacrifice like you did for our country. Please don't go anywhere and keep your eyes open to protect us 🙏. Thank you Mark Esper for everything. ❤

Author — lovely lynn


"We've been duped, this is now a political stunt" - well Mr. Esper, that was his entire presidency.

Author — Taterkaze


Thank you Mr. Esper for your use of sanity in the insaine atmosphier of our times. In a world full of the insaine, the most sain will seem insaine !.

Author — James Fleiter


My main frustration with this interview is that if esper knew what he knew at the time, why didn’t he at least go to Congress in a closed hearing with what he knew? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s coming out now.

Author — Christopher Hill


"My oath is to the constitution, " says it all this is about our Democracy being in Jeopardy.

Author — Theodore Sweger


I had respect for Esper after reading "I Alone Can Fix It" by Rucker & Leonnig.

A good guy surrounded by a terrible administration.

Author — Mister Sarajevo


I know what this man has gone through.

Author — Samin Emini


As a veteran - infantry/admin, this is ON POINT ! 😎 🇺🇸

Author — Paul Suprono


Secy. Mark Esper has been authentic and true to his national security convictions and sacred oaths.
Very reassuring and helpful.
“Crazy people” stupid leaders, and “conspiracy theorists”can’t overcome the nationalist who respect the constitution.
“No four no s “ doctrines like the
“Powell Doctrines” .
Great discussions. Great history!

Author — Hasan Choudhury


After all of the information is revealed, the GOP will still ride with Trump.

Author — Charles Brown


Thank you, Mr. Esper. Finally, moment the truth. Respect and admiration from one of your fan in Flores island, Indonesia.

Author — Umberto Verbita


Thank you for this wonderfully illuminating interview.

Author — Rebekah Curiel-Alessi