Donetsk Creates an Independent Government: Russian Roulette

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Donetsk Creates an Independent Government: Russian Roulette 4.5

On the second day of the self-styled People's Republic of Donetsk's existence, people gathered in the Regional Administration Building to discuss their new government and make plans for the future. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky attended the meeting where things got a bit heated, and later interviewed Serhiy Taruta, the current governor of the Donetsk region. Taruta argued that those who declared independence from Ukraine have no authority to do so and are not supported by most residents of Donetsk. There's still about a month left before their supposed referendum, and the future of Donetsk is uncertain.

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They should make a Hangover spinoff based on this, where a bunch of ex-Ukrainians wake up one day surrounded by vodka bottles and puke stains and find out they've created a country.

Author — Sphynra


Did that guy say he's counting on Putin for his free speech? That sounds like a losing battle..

Author — E Fitzgibbon


No wonder these guys want to join Russia, you saw the bottles...

Author — semyon95


"The international community is monitoring this."
"What international community?"
"The usual one!"

Author — Atilla Baksay


"We'll cope with the issue"
If only Governor Taruta knew how incredibly wrong he had been...

Author — Trusty Patches


It appears that Stalin's efforts to remove intellectuals - worked.

Author — Charlie Collins


The fact that practically all of Ukraine has been extremely anti-journalism and anti-cameras for every one of these videos and they still managed to record this entire meeting during the creation of the Donetsk Republic is absolutely amazing. As usual, Simon and his crew publish some fantastic journalism. We're all praying for his release from detainment by the Pro-Russians.

Author — Ocksee


Kiev interim government fucked up. They didn't foresee the reaction of other UKRAINIANS in the east before they kicked out legitimate president Yanukovych. 

This is what happens when you try to overthrow a government without planning ahead. 

They clear knew Eastern Ukraine was very pro Russia and they would've reacted if interim Kiev government took over and still acted like they wouldn't have known the outcome. Now the whole Eastern Ukraine is about to declare revolution after Kiev's own revolution...

If the interim Kiev government is gonna delcare national martial law in Eastern Ukraine, there will be guns firing from anti-west/anti-kiev oppositions.

Author — MyLostTemple


Excellent coverage as per your par, Vice, and outstanding work as usual to Mr. Ostrovsky and everybody on the ground.

Author — Morgan The Skald


Oh good. A army of drunken men with guns proclaiming three new nations that all wave the Russian flag. What could go wrong.
And as to why what they're doing is wrong and what the people in Kiev did isn't, I'll quote a Russian reporter who said
"When the people on the Maidan rose up for their freedom, they were waving the flag of the country they live in. When the people of the East rise up for "freedom", they wave the flag of a foreign nation whose military forces are only a few miles away"

Author — Wolf6120


Kiev appointed governor seems very sleazy, that fake smile ugh, its no surprise he has so little support in the region.

Author — Wrath L


All paid by your friendly overlord USSR.

Author — marcantallita


The 3 regions that are rebelling right now (Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv) are the 3 most densely populated areas in Ukraine. They're also the generators of Ukraine's economy. If they leave Ukraine, Ukraine will turn into the world's largest village with Kiev in the middle.
As for drinking - it's same as with drugs. It happens when peoples' lives turn to shit.

Author — SoundHysteria


This shows how Russians they are.
How to celebrate victory? Get wasted. Regardless of context.

Author — Malacovics


CNN are no longer relevant. Thank you Vice News for real reporting.

Author — Denz Of Oz


"What Inernational Community?"
"The Usual one."
Loved that. didn't now if it was a joke or not but it was funny.

Author — Ksgamer103


A step back from the actually issues, regardless of peoples options, this is a damn fine video. VICE brings us inside of the administration building and the new "republic" AND the current appointed mayors opinions, AND some people of the streets opinion. You cannot get this kind of coverage anywhere else.

Author — RamAmandeep


I wish you spend more time interviewing the normal people as in the last few seconds.

Maybe in the next video you talk to normal folks and the corrupt politicians

Author — Madagascar Sapphire


lmao the old guy at the 0:41 mark wearing a wutang crewneck lmao

Author — DRC 85


The map says the country is Ukraine, so you people that want to be a part of Russia need to move out of Ukraine and go to Russia.

Author — Harrison Holmes