10 STUPID ERRORS To AVOID in Soldering and TIPS

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10 STUPID ERRORS To AVOID in Soldering and TIPS 4.5

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Ragazzi, state tranquilli, non ho dimenticato le mie origini, ma soprattutto la voce :-) Farò per voi una versione molto più simpatica, con la mia presenza per commentare ogni step ma soprattutto, parlata in italiano. LIKE a questo commento se vi interessa. Solo se arriviamo a 10 milioni di Like verrà pubblicata. Naturalmente sto scherzando, uscirà comunque :-)

Author — Daniele Tartaglia


The emoji with a wagging finger "DON'T make that mistake" bugger off. I got that at the start thanks.
My soldering iron is a copper head fitted to a handle which is heated with a flame. Old skool !
Not one mention of spirits of salts, or flux ? (same thing) .
Then I have to stop the video to read a few of the comments since they went a quick as the scolding emoji should have. Whats with that ??
Now tin is tin, Solder is part tin part lead . It's not named tin . It is called solder ! Tinning is the process of coating an area in solder.
I found some things that taught me in your video . Things I was not aware of. So we all have something to learn.. not a bad hack at the job by any means . I think that emoji pissed me off a little. Never have enjoyed being scolded for wrong doing. I will watch more of your videos if there are some. Good topic this one !

Author — J.C. Kohle


I never use a soaked sponge. It cools the tip strongly. In stead I soake it and then push all the water out so that it is very moist, but not soaked

Author — Ludo De Greef


My father taught me these techniques 45 years ago. Thank you for doing the same to the next generation!

Author — Mike hibbett


Two more gross mistakes:
Using soldering paste for electronic work
"Transporting" molten solder to the soldering spot on tip of the soldering iron.

Author — Florin Silberman


Sei un artista tecnologico! Molto rispetto dal Sudafrica

Author — Biß


1. Don't put your soldering on the table, put in in a holder
2. Use a sponge not something invasive
3. use fresh tin for soldering
4. Don't forget to add tin to your tip
5. Don't forget to pre tin element you want to solder
6. Don't put your solder in water
7. Don't solder oxydate metal part.
8. use a fan so u don't have the fume in your face
9. Don't use large tip on small component
10. use the right temperature.
11. Dont use to big or to small tin
Thanks me later.

Author — Stan


Went here interested.
The "teaching a 5 year old" pace of the video made me leave before 3 minutes, and post this comment.

Author — joao marka


Wish I knew some of these earlier, I wouldn't have damaged most of what I intend to repair 😭😭

Author — Abu Sadiq


This is the definition of a meeting that could have been an email

Author — Mike Causer


A common mistake on YouTube is to take 16 minutes to explain what could be covered, comfortably, in 6.

Author — Beenthere Donethat


As I watch the video I keep looking at this emojis and their genuinely making me mad...

Author — Pj Rios


Usually after I remove the oxidation from the board I apply some lacquer made by myself out of soldering rosin and paint thinner to prevent oxidation from occurring later.

Author — The Workshop Of DOOM


I was soldering and I melted a hole im my razer blackwood keyboard

Author — red thunder


Ah memories, first time i used my soldering iron i did a few of these, 1 mistake lead to another and then another, to much solder on an over heating iron is also alot of fun 💧💧💧

Author — Corn holio


Interesting my dad always called it tinning a wire (electrician his entire life, mostly for the Midlands Electricity Board in England) I've never seen anyone else call it tinning (except everyone he worked with of course).

Author — Andrew Culverhouse


The soldering tip is specially coated with some element hence don't use polish/emery paper to clean the tip.

Author — Kadir Mansuri


9:40 can I use Flux instead? Louis Rossman does.... What is your opinion?

Author — TulgaD5


plz use flux [not just the stuff inside the solder]. it will be a new world for you.

Author — jaywho


Wow what a greater tutorial. I really liked how you showed the symptoms of the mistakes so I could know why something was happening.... I somehow managed to repair my HDD by soldering some components, but my soldering was really crappy and I just learned it. I wished I saw your tutorial earlier so that I didn't had a hard time to recover my data.... Is was a really scary roller coaster ride for me when the HDD didn't show up in Windows and after some soldering it finally showed up

Author — TulgaD5