Exploring Haunted Abandoned Mental Hospital (WARNING)

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Exploring Haunted Abandoned Mental Hospital (WARNING) 5

Exploring Haunted Abandoned Mental Hospital. Harry Lee-Preston, Elliot Crawford & Dr Bigcock return to for another haunted & abandoned video - exploring a 13-building abandoned mental hospital complex in London which has received reports of paranormal activity.
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Whos watching all these whilst in quarantine

Author — owais rashid


Who else saw that girl recording them in Starbucks

Author — Harry


*NO Don’t Pitter Patter Around The Block We Come Agressively We Might Bring OUR DOLPHINS*

Author — Megan x


“If theres someone here can you make a bang”
“Can you do it louder please”

Author — Big Man Wilfred


I'm more scared of em bumping into some homeless maniac or psychopath who wants to kill em than the ghosts😂

Author — *Noir Maria*


Magine bieng a ghost and hearing: “oi we come peacefully like fo real”

Author — Joe Mama


How does weller make scary ass thing so hilarious 😂

Author — Annie Bedfont


Am I the only one who binge watched all of his 12 haunted vids 😂 but out of all the vids I have ever watched that YouTubers made about exploring haunted places Joe does not fake anything which I love

Author — Aukse


This is what happens in most of these vids
Joe: make a loud bang and we will go
?: (bang)
Joe: let’s keep going

Author — ????


Wish me luck, I'm going fullscreen...😂

Author — Duvet ManXI


But the real question is why are the police protecting this area in particular?

Author — S0ft Fuzzy M4n


Hears a VERY faint scraping sound. "OMG THERE'S SOMEONE WITH A SPADE OUTSIDE" 😅

Author — Tom Cushnie


10:52 any1 else see a nazi sign next to Elliot

Author — Innes MacDonald


Joe: Make a bang and we will leave
?: *bang*
Joe: lets keep going

Author — tbody111


Joe: we are coming out, do not come near us!

2 minutes later
Elliot: it was from the car park.

Joe: let’s go investigate.


Author — Evxnz


i love those imovie transitions at the beginning :')

Author — DomVlogs


Did you notice at Starbucks the lady was filming them

Author — Queen bee Crystal


*tbqh, its sad that elliott used joe for popularity bc he was a good bloke :/*

Author — bliss


when you heard the spade on concrete I believe you all however instead of a spade it could have been the axe that another YouTube mentioned-they may not be telling the truth but it could be a possibility. sorry its late I just love watching your exploring vids xxx

Author — Iona Weatherstone


joe weller making possible homeless people play follow the leader

Author — Spyder