Coronavirus: B.C. reports 47 new cases, no additional deaths | FULL

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Coronavirus: B.C. reports 47 new cases, no additional deaths | FULL 2.5

B.C. provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix gave an update on the province's COVID-19 response on Thursday, saying there were 47 new cases reported and no new deaths.

Henry said while there will be clusters of cases that surface, she said it was a chance to re-group and examine their response, but stressed community transmission was extremely low and they are aware of where transmission is taking place.

The briefing came just hours after Premier John Horgan said the plan for students, teachers and staff to start the school year "as normal" remains in place for September, despite concerns from teachers and parents.

The province's top doctor said she knows parents are anxious about a return to school but the "cost to keeping our schools closed is too high," advising parents and families to practice now with kids the importance of wearing masks and continuing to practice social distancing.

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Good thing we fly in Covid-19 cases to keep the numbers up.

Author — ross smith


No new deaths. Why are you babbling then?

Author — Branko Matkovic


covid 19 seems to be everywhere but at the same time

Author — den310


the virus was meant to kill not to cure

Author — Round One


And over 100 suicides due to job losses and the results of the dumb lockdown - but we’ll ignore that fact - false positive tests do not represent how many are CURRENTLY SICK .

Author — No more War


Infection rates and numbers are meaningless, unless you consider that maybe they indicate the possibility we have already achieved herd immunity.
How about telling us the importance of death rates and hospitalization rates? Age and cobormibity factors related to deaths? In other words, the real truth?
How about listening to the frontline doctors (who are actually treating people, unlike Mr. Dix), who stood on Capital Hill last week and declared people are dying unnecessarily because they are being denied access to a treatment protocol that is actually working? The video that was taken down on all major platforms - doctors saying very clearly there is a 3-prong cure for COVID 19. Hydroxcholoriquine, zinc and Azithromycin. .Very inspiring. They have a letter signed by 600 other doctors who couldn't be there in person. I can't post the link here or YouBloob will take it down and ban me.

Author — Caroline Lennox


So open the country for heaven's sake!! This has gone on long enough!! Politicians are not affected by this virus, only the ordinary man who has lost so much.

Author — VF VF


The usual suspects here, "the dark triads".

Author — Abhishek N


Lets get to the truth, the truth that is continually being ignored and until it is dealt with why do you continue to deny.?

Author — Gary Chamberlain


We're not going to get rid of the CORONAVIRUS. Its going to be death after death cause people are back to work and people in the public. Nothing should of been opened, they rushed it to fast opening places. Why didnt they keep everything still closed.. This is never going to stop. I keep out of the public and l dont care if l have to stay home till this is in control..

Author — LOUISE schlater


Where is the opposition in all these decisions

Author — Dr Mudd


3 months into the new school year and all children will show attention deficit! A serious bacterial illness caused by covid disease in children. They show symptoms of talking while they are supposed to listen to a conversation from their teacher. I picked it up during my tutoring during the pandemic over the internet - while tutoring and explaining kids are talking or show signs of conversations with others - Is that what you mean dr. Henry by not returning to school will cause detrimental health effects??? I don't think so!.

Author — L B


Gateway Pundit news article.
JAIL FAUCI: Massive International Study Shows Countries with Early HCQ Use Had 79% Lower Mortality Rate — THIS IS HUGE! We Are Talking Over 100, 000 American Lives!
Global will never mention this information.

Author — B Fish


Why does she sound like she's about to burst into tears any second?

Author — Emily Nunyabusiness


No new deaths. Also, no new necklaces.

Author — Branko Matkovic


Repetition of a lie or a slogan is a form of hypnosis and these low energy life forms are hypnotizing the population. It's Satanism #101. It is also classified as casting a spell. It's purpose is to create fear and uncertainty which leads people open to suggestion and away from God.

Author — New Jerusalem


I recommend you bail on the scamdemic agenda.

Author — jess lawson


why not release detailed info such as who where and how old are diagnosed positive?? why keep hiding the facts???

Author — Jay Lip


We we we we we many times is she going to say WE

Author — Jennifer Kessler


People in long-term care are dying of old age. How many stiffs today?


¹ A strategy promoted during the 1970s to “save” the future for your children has left them _homeless._

² Measures being implemented in 2020 to “save” persons’ health will leave them _lifeless._

Author — the Unrepentant