Powerslide Swell Stellar 110 fitness skates - Eugen Enin

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Eugen Enin brings his Powerslide Swell Stellar 110 with him for a morning cruise around the Phoenix See in Dortmund, Germany.
The Powerslide Swell Stellar 110 is a revolutionary skate to power up your fitness training. Efficiency meets total control in the new flagship skate by Powerslide SWELL. Featuring MYFIT’s patented 3DAP technology. The 3D Adapt padding is made out of casted polyurethane (PU) molded to perfection around your foot to deliver a level of control and comfort never experienced before on Inline skates. This revolutionary new way to manufacture skates out of a single material lets us design millimetrically where to add extra padding as well as include air channels for more breathability and improved cushion on ankles, tongue, and innersole. As a result, the Powerslide SWELL Stellar lets you save energy on every stride, reducing fatigue and boosting your performance without pressure points. Moreover, it reduces the vibrations from the road further saving your energy so you can train even longer. We complete the skate with our TRINITY X mount system with Elite cast frames, made out of super-light magnesium, high-performance UC Raw white 110 wheels with UHR urethane, and Wicked freespin ABEC 9 chrome steel bearings.

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You give Eugen a fitness skate for a promo. Of course he goes freeskating with it. :D

Author — Peter Toth


Made those skates look pretty sick tbf

Author — Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode


I recently finally got my Swell Stellar delivered and I have to say, for 330€ the quality is super super bad. All the china handmade outside stuff is attached so bad and bumbling I had to gave em back. That might not change the qulity of the tech but dont expect people to pay over 300 bucks for brandnew skates that look used on a chinese highway

Author — Vel


Are you selling"powerslide Imperial special edition 80"or no
And is this skate original?

Author — Ahmed Mohamed


Ich bin kein Freund informationsfreier Imagevideos, in denen das Produkt nur (perspektivisch) verzerrt für einige Millisekunden zu sehen ist - sorry! 😳
Aus meiner Sicht beschäftigen sich alle Beteiligten hier nur mit sich selbst.
Schlimmer kann man seine Distanz zum Kunden und zum Produkt nicht ausdrücken. 😥

Author — U.E. U.E.