Compressed Air Engine V3

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To extend the amount of time that the engine will run, increase the storage container pressure and include a regulator to step the pressure down to just a little above the pressure where the engine stalls. This will get the storage pressure off of the engine, bleeding just enough air in to keep it running rather than the full pressure rushing through. Then, varying the regulator setting will change the engine speed.

Author — Christian Swensen


My confidence in you as an engineer was highly reinforced by the appearance of not one, but two cans of WD-40 on your workbench.

Author — Eduard Qualls


4:38 having the con rod moved to the side will affect the piston as it will be tilting it and in the future probably wear unevenly on the sides. Id keep it in the center and maybe add some structure on the other side to have the second bearing

Author — Krzysztof Mazurkiewicz


Hey Tom! Great videos, you (and viewers suggesting a multi piston engine) inspired me to take it up a step further, I'm currently designing a 3piston radial engine to 3D print on my printer. I will show you some videos when I've got it working!

Author — Justin Dorneanu


That is just amazing, extremely impressive! :D I made an Air driven boat back in school, I made complete use of automatic watering systems. Little tubes and links. Great for "fuselage" if you want to separate the air container and the propeller.

Author — Highonlifenstuf


Hey tom, I love the build, I actually printed the latest version, I was curious if you had a preference to which version is the easiest to add multiple cylinders inline to? I am not very experienced at 3d design yet so i was looking for something easy

Author — Wesley Maynard


Nice job, I've been working on my own design and testing it - hard to avoid a cam design but efficiency has been pretty decent on my BB valve setup so far. Check it out on my channel when you have time.

Author — Jeremy Hill


That's a beautiful design. Great progress, and well explained!

Author — Ben Sterling


I enjoyed the way in which Tom took us through his thought processes as he finalised the design.

Author — Del350K4


Really dig your vids Tom, i hope you keep working on this motor and the drawing section is very cool, working it out fun to see!

Author — Whatyoudo


I know I'm way late to the party. I just found your channel and I'm loving it! Curious if a turbine engine could be a better fit. Or it might waste more pressure than the piston design.

Author — Cullen Craft


Awesome!!! thanks for doing these videos and explaining your thoughts instead of just showing the results. You are inspiring!!!

Author — Steve Colwill


Tom, thank you for your great explanation of how your engine works. Very neat.

Author — Andrew S.


Interesting! Can you add a flow control valve to make the spin speed more constant and spin longer?

Author — Dzunkuづんく


Cool , very well done. I am just amazed the way it all fits together so easily and works straight off.

Author — Vince o brien


Tom, great video as usual, just wanted to know how you keep the air from escaping around your pushrod for the ball.

Author — Doyle Dowd


Maravilha de trabalho, limpo e preciso. Interessante

Author — Antonio Luis Ferreira


I know I can't be the only one to want him to stick it on an airplane and test it....

Author — Luke David


Cool stuff. Thanks for the video. Did you think about a different air chamber than the bottle to increase run time? I mean like something that can keep more air / higher pressures.

Author — Markus Ginten


After 2 years, watching this still amaze me. Awesome effort mate!!

Author — Asyraf Tojiman