Comodo Firewall 10 Setup

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A "must watch" for anyone interested in securing their system. A lovely video. Thanks.

Author — P M


Cruelsister1, I enjoy your informative malware testing videos on here and Malwaretips. This is a great secure setup you've put together!



Really appreciate your videos and hope you keep publishing them!

I've usually installed the full CIS on my Win10 x64 PC, which amounts to Defender being disabled. So, I can't help but wonder when you install just CF (no AV) if you'd leave Defender running/enabled, rely on the Comodo Sandbox, or install any other products to fill the gap?

I guess what I'm wondering is... if I uninstalled CIS and installed just CF, would I need anything else to cover me for AV/Malware?

Author — Privacy & Security 101


Always enjoy watching your videos cruelsister, thanks for your efforts!

Was wondering though, in your setup you disable HIPS, but leave Viruscope and Website Filtering enabled. Do you see any added value in keeping those two modules enabled?

Author — Mister Mister


Four years old but still a great video. Thanks for your excellent knowledge and input

Author — rollls63


Hi there! Thank you for sharing this tutorial :)

I have a few questions.

1) Does Comodo Firewall has the same sandbox as Comodo Antivirus/Internet Security? If not, how do they differ from each other?

2) Does Comodo Firewall compatible with ESET Smart Security 10?
I am thinking to use only Sandbox feature (using your setting in this video) from Comodo Firewall (HIPS, Firewall, Viruscope and Website Filtering disabled) to be combined with ESET Smart Security 10 (default setting).
Will they conflict each other? If so, what is your opinion so that I can get them to be combined? I want the Comodo Firewall Sandbox and ESET Smart Security to work along together.

p/s: I know some say Avast and Qihoo 360 will work great with Comodo Firewall, no doubt about that but ESET? Your answers will be much appreciated.

Author — sect tces


Another excellent demo / training from Cruelsister! Quick question - at 8:20 why did you set to restricted mode rather than untrusted, I believe untrusted is more secure? Also, why not "run inside the container" rather than block - it seems mutually exclusive to me with the other settings? Comodo is powerful but often confusing!

Author — Frank Poster


Thanks for your great video. But I think it could be better if we enable "Create rules for safe applications".
Because CF's gonna auto-block quite lots of system files without alert (even explorer.exe etc or avastservice as I'm using Avast).
So what ya think about that?

Author — Nhân Nguyễn


Hi Cruelsister1, I'm amazed what changes can be made with a free program like Comodo, it really gets very little credit for how effective this program truly is.  Thanks for the demo.

Author — Wilfredo Torres


Hi cruelsister1. Finally, now im using CF10 as well. Did you already test CF10 against your nasty malware that is using high quality certificate? And does the HIPS module still need to be on to stop it completely? Probably so but i would like to know.

Author — Amperu


Hi cruelsister1, is voodooshield a viable option to CF? my reason for asking is, that VS uses so little system resources that it's barely noticeable and as with CF I can individually decide what to sandbox, what to quarantine, what to block and what to run.
My whole setup consists of BD Total security (multi device), HMP.alert, and voodooshield. Do you consider this a safe setup?
as far as system resources go, BD is the only hungry one of the pack. HMP is again similar to VS barely noticeable.

Author — guywithbeard


Hello cruelsister1....I love Comodo firewall and have been using it for probably 15 years and I usually just use the basic set up but have come upon your videos about making it safer and decided to give it a shot.

Everything worked great except I am having an issue with my youtube video downloader extension/addon in firefox....When ever I try to download a video it downloads and puts it in the download folder but the video is empty and says it has zero kb's of the old basic settings the downloader worked just fine.

I have tried a couple different downloaders and all do the same have it set up just like in your video so can you help me with what I would need to do to solve this me

Author — Riley 1955


Thank you. This helps me understand the Comodo settings better.

Author — Ralph Hart


setup of cf 10 seems great.can you configure bitdefender ts to work with cf. There are so many people saying it can or can't be done.been following you for ages and if it can be done you would the vids .cheers

Author — Nigel Hill


I'm here because of comments on one of Malware Blocker's videos. :) Thanks for your help, cruelsister!! Comodo changed a lot of the wording so it was confusing, but I think I figured it out now. :)

Author — Cam Farr


My version of Comodo Firewall 10 has dropped sandbox in favor of container.
I hope that was all that was changed.
Thanks for good tip.

Author — Tony Perone


Hey cruelsister, may I ask why you choose to run the sandbox in restricted instead of untrusted? Some of your older videos have you running it in untrusted so I was curious as to why.

Also, I don't know if you'll be able to answer this or not but what's the impact on malware using a standard user account over an admin account?

Keep up the great videos too. I've been interested in cyber security for a while now and your videos have really helped me become far more knowledgeable about the subject in general, so thank you for that. :)

Author — Jonathan Marlin


Salutations/Greetings! M!

What advances does Comodo Firewall 10 Setup over SandBoxie?

And would you use AppCheck Pro with Comodo Firewall 10, or would
this be over kill? Your thoughts?

Jonathan Marlin has some very interesting questions! Below!

Kind regards,

Author — Michael Moose


What do you think about files on Onedrive or Gdrive? Can ransomware encrypt them? If so, it can be a big problem for many people. How protect the file on Onedrive and Gdrive? I cannot use Comodo on my old laptop.

Author — WildAfrica


Hi cruelsister1, everytime the system starts I have to enable manually the run virtually option. how can i make it run automatically? thank you for your time.

Author — Thiago Silva