Vacation Nightmare: Sun, Sand, Prostitutes? | ABC World News Tonight | ABC News

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Vacation Nightmare: Sun, Sand, Prostitutes? | ABC World News Tonight | ABC News 2.5
Part 1: ABC News investigation into all-inclusive deals sold online uncovers issues.

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Sun, sand, and prostitudes are the reason a lot of people go to Thailand.

Автор — The Platinum Takeoff


Should have done a better research, Boca Chica is for sex tourist. Period. By the way you overpaid. There are lots lots of resorts there, some more expensive yes, but shop around. Many with private beaches.

Автор — adlibruj


Ozren went back a few months later by himself.

Автор — Haka Lau


I'm going to that resort to do my own private investigation.

Автор — 4 Ben Media


When Lindsay's not looking, Ozran's getting jiggy ;)

Автор — BeamRider100


$90 for 24 hours OMG!!!! What a deal, was this video supposed to detour you ??? Totally did the opposite

Автор — e harris


Sun, sand, prostitutes...sounds like a fantastic vacation! This isnt news...this is a tourism ad!

Автор — jjodoin05


So, best bargain remains directly contacting the hotel?

Автор — NaderR


Prostitution in Guyana is illegal but widespread. Prostitution law is antiquated and dates from the colonial era.So come to Guyana and experience royality, piece, private beach, and everything up to standard



Where is the story in here? Stayed in average hotel and there were prostitutes around. Much about nothing.

Автор — The King


Sun, sand, and whores? Sounds like a damn good time to me. Some damn woman must have written this article.

Автор — Big Cizzle


I'm from Dom.Rep. Good hotels are around us150 - us250 (even a lot more) a single night.. so this bimbo booked herself in the worst and cheapest hotel the country has and expected good things to happen? smh... also worst location ever (bocachica) what about Bávaro, Punta Cana, Samana, Juan Dolio, etc..?? even the city people including myself don't go to bocachica.. i fucking hate these producers bringing her to this place to make bad image of my island.. Thats like me going to the Bronx and talking about the hole country from what i will see.. drugs, hoes, criminals, etc... SMH again.. worst ''investigation'' ever.

Автор — Wired Murdoc


What a whining lady this is. She'd be a nightmare to travel with.

Автор — Con Cong


I am from the Dominican Republic AND tourism areas are where people go to get money obviously from a tourist, either by selling products or sex.. you have to understand it is a poor country BUT prostitution is NOT legal so get yourselves together before saying things like that. Also, A STAIN prevented you to go sleep? Really??Well now you know where not to go for vacation then, simple. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I love my country and just hate it when people say things that are not true, making it seem like ALL of the Dominican Republic practices prostitution and the WHOLE country has shitty hotels.

Автор — Nina D' Caba


Much worse in your own back yard! Get a real job!

Автор — H M


Looks like a standard ghetto to me. I thought liberals love the ghetto??

Автор — Frankiecoast


Wait prostitution is legal in the country ZOE SALDANA’S PEOPLE ARE FROM?! Was this story supposed to not make me go?! Good job guys. 👍

Автор — James Remus


Sounds like a good time. Throw in some drugs and you got yourself a deal.

Автор — OldSport


The people who made this video are candy asses who think that this is really disturbing stuff

Автор — 3rdStoneObliterum


Hey, $40 Hotel Rooms, $20 Hookers and cheap alcohol...can't go wrong.

Автор — Quasaricemage