Germany: EXCLUSIVE: Leopard tanks startle German Sunday drivers

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Germany: EXCLUSIVE: Leopard tanks startle German Sunday drivers 4.5

Sunday drivers on the German Autobahn were met with some unexpected road companions as they were overrun by a contingent of over 20 Leopard tanks. The Autobahn, known for attracting petrol-heads due to its libertarian speed limits, seldom sees hurtling tanks armed with Rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore guns that can engage targets to a range of 6,000 metres. Fellow passengers also saw two machine guns protruding from the tank - so they may have thought twice about honking their horns or cutting up the slower than usual vehicle.

Despite their clunky armour, the Leopard tanks showed their impressive speed, hitting 68 Kilometres per hour. Also, the traction control looked highly impressive as they cornered with ease. The all purpose vehicles, built with the ability to drive through four metres of water when fitted with a snorkel and climb over vertical obstacles over a metre in height, dealt with the highly developed roads of the West as if they were a playground.

Leopard tanks are the same breed of tank that the German government has supplied to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Up to 270 modern Leopard tanks were supplied as part of a controversial deal that was approved by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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French driver passing by: “I surrender”

Author — Rail Yatra


WW2 veteran inside one of the cars:

*Oh no, not again*

Author — Jager Lad


They should start firing backwards to build up speed.

Author — Tony Stank


this is literally why the autobahn was built

Author — Dolphin


Dolphins have returned to Italy!
Meanwhile in Germany:

Author — 96lib


The rest of west and eastern Europe: Somethings wrong I can feel it

Author — REMAKE 45


In America Abrams are always on trailers but of course leave it to the Germans to bring their 62 ton Leopards onto the Autobahn.

Author — Taylor Payne


Advanced German panzers reinforce German troops in Russia ( 1944 colorized)

Author — Vileth Von dreyfuss


British driver passing by: John can you search Dunkirk in Google Maps?

Author — javrs98


I'm still waiting to see the startled drivers

Author — Skumstwo


those tanks go fatser than my Toyota corolla

Author — Joel stanaway


It is said that french surrendered when they saw them approaching the Rhine

Author — Gianfranco W


Just so you know, "Sunday Driver" is an insult in Germany :P

Author — GothSeiDank


Don´t know whats the problem, in my childhood I saw driving on german streets and highways british, french, american and german tanks going to or coming from maneuvres. Its nothing to be impressed about it.
What is more impressive is what I saw in the eighties in Berlin. Tipical wednesday, rushhour at the Heerstrasse, typical traffic jam, crossing to Teufelsberg. Cars waiting to take the turn to the left. Between them a lonely british Chieftain-tank moving in a manner that you see that the driver is not very sure what the hell he is doing. On the turret hatch you see a commander shouting orders and at aproach you see a small sign at the back "STUDENT-DRIVER"
A Chieftain Tank in Berlin Traffic-Jam at Rushhour having driving lessons

Author — Stefan Richter


Nothing like the panzer's rolling east!

Author — TRP Johnston


Rommel and Patton playing war games again?

Author — hurricane watcher


They practice facing the turret backwards so that when they drive into Poland, the Poles will think the Germans are actually driving West.

Author — zillajratomicray


Make sure to pack winter clothes this time🤣

Author — W The One


Just imagine a Panzer Mark 8 "Maus" on the road lmaooo

Author — Zack Hamrick


And people say that russians are badass lol

Author — EDSZ