Should New Immigrants BUY A HOUSE IN CANADA?

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Should New Immigrants BUY A HOUSE IN CANADA? 4.5

Looking at houses in the real estate market in Canada is one of my favourite things to do. Today, we'll go on a tour around my city to take a look at some of the houses that are up for sale. Watch this video if you want to know important things before thinking about buying a house in Canada, and BETTER YET, before you convince yourself you cannot afford to buy one.

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Hola! Este video tiene subtítulos, pero algo hice mal y aparecen con el nombre ENGLISH, así que denle click a ese y verán los subtítulos en español.
Espero este video les sirva un poco, les mando un abrazo gigante por venirme a ver :)

Author — CanalEliBernal


"If you wanna buy a house in toronto or in Vancouver only jesus can help you!" you made my day :D ( 0:52 )

Author — Sefa BİLGİ


Buying a house in Canada is not an investment opportunity like people think. Unless they buy in a place where prices are likely to always be high and not for economic reasons. You need to do alot of research to find those niches in Canada and not with a realtor.

People who bought a house in Vancouver over the past 3 years would be telling you they lost $300-400k and the same in Toronto, same in Calgary and prices here in Calgary are still going down as in Toronto and Vancouver. So who wants to buy a house when inventory is at all time high and housing prices are in decline?

You have to weigh up costs of maintaining the house vs renting in most cities in Canada renting is cheaper than buying after you factor in. Down payment, ever rising never declining property taxes, maintenance. Your better off investing all that extra cash and creating your own investment portfolio in stocks it will bring you a better return. Its a trap to think your lining somebodies pockets when you pay rent as if you've done your research you'll be the one making money off it. Its funny because buying a house is just lining the pockets of the bank. You never actually own the house until its paid off the bank does and they keep the deed until its paid off.

Houses here in Canada are not built to last like in England or Europe. There made out of cardboard and plastic with thin shingle roofs. There designed to be disposable and thats why people flatten them instead of bothering to renovate in most big cities. After 30 years people will not want to buy your house due to age, maintenance and it will decline in value. Example. 30 year old house in Georgetown ON: $500-600k and brand new house $1.2million dollars.

I hate to break it to you but if you live in a house its your home its no investment. People need to stop thinking like this everybody follows like sheep.

Author — Luke Smith


"Only Jesus can help", beautiful word.

Author — Dieudonné MUGENI


jajajaja olny Jesus CAn help You, very graphic. but the miracles exists!!

Author — alex sandoval


Amazing video! I am a real estate agent here in the Greater Toronto Area and have a lot of clients that immigrated here recently and wanted to make a video to give some tips to other immigrants. I must say you gave me a couple ideas to add with my information on qualifying for a mortgage and some of the challenges new immigrants may face with that. Keep making great videos!

Author — David Nakkila


Dear Eli. Congratulations on 9k subscribers! I`m so happy to discover your blog/videos. You are just incredible! Thanks for sharing your talent and continually wowing us! :-)

Author — Oscar Danilo


5:57 Awwww this is the sweetest bit of this video. Thank You!

Author — Atiharsh Singh


This could’ve been a lot shorter video if you would’ve started with “don’t watch this video if you don’t live here “ 😂

Author — 2020vizion



Author — dinosaur rex


Found the house at 7:02. 113 William St., Stratford. Gorgeous house, but needs a lot of work.

Author — allan keefe


The last part of the video when rock music begins and you're walking, i just lost my mind XD. Greetings from El Salvador.

Author — El Colocho


I subscribed to your channel because of that hilarious statement you made but in actual sense, it’s true, “only Jesus can help you”..

Author — Yomi Olorunfemi


The 3rd house will cost over a million in Toronto for sure.

Author — The Real Lola Black


Houses in Canada increased in price starting about 20 years ago and now affordability is heading toward being 3 times the difficulty to buy a house. The best answer is brand new duplexes and town homes but not single family homes.

Author — HPCthulhu2011


@ 3:53 some gray squirrels in a tree looking down at the driveway, and saying "well, there goes the neighborhood!". So if I move to Canada, I really like a house, and I get a mortgage, all my dreams will come true. That is so cool!

Author — Stubahn


Mais um ótimo vídeo. Muito boa a sua companhia em todos os seus vídeos.
Grande abraço. 😃😃🇧🇷
Goiânia-GO - Brasil.

Author — Edvanio Barros


Asking the price of a house ? Location is very important not how beautiful the house is. An exact similar house in Vancouver will cost more than double if the same house was located in a smaller city like Nanaimo or Chiliwack in the same province.

Author — Touqir Butter


"If you wanna buy a house in toronto or in Vancouver only jesus can help you!" is that a real estate agent?

Author — countroshculla


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Author — Farman Ullah Khan