Why China Ended its One-Child Policy

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Why China Ended its One-Child Policy 5
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China has huge ambitions for the 21st century. But it’s demographic problems will be a significant challenge on the way there.

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Demographic explanations are inspired in part by several chapters of “The Accidental Superpower” by Peter Zeihan. It’s a great book and although this video is only a small slice (and not the main argument), it’s very interesting and worth reading. He’s the source of a couple specific phrasings like “countries can’t manufacture 18 year olds” which I think help explain the issue well.

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I was adopted from China when I was a few months old. My parents told me I was left on the doorstep of a factory. One can only assume it was because of the one child policy or because I was a girl. The boys carry on the family name. Jokes on them, you still need women to have children!

Автор — Heythere Sarah


nowadays more and more people refuse to get married or have child,because it's too expensive to live

Автор — 小白


"...the average woman has 6.5 children."
*hol up*

Автор — builderpepc


You have the most seamless transition to advertisement I have ever seen. well done!

Автор — Ash Krikorian


"Children have become more of a liability - the kind that screams, cries and generates student loan debt"
That makes me sad

Автор — HassanLechkar


I was put up for adoption in China because of the one child policy but I'm glad I was adopted. I now am in North America with my forever family.

Автор — Gaming WithLittle


*China isn't a pyramid it's a rapidly-spinning Beyblade*

Автор — footballXdankmemesXmusic r my purpose to live


So what do we learn from this video ?
just can't compete with dogs."

Автор — Hoang Quach


China: Oh no! My population is growing out of control! :(

Germany and Japan: We wish we had your problem!

Автор — My Imaginary World


In short, China realized it must end one child policy, before one child policy end China ..
Am I right? Wkwkwkwkw

Автор — Inspect History


Chinese men a decade ago: “who needs women?” - *kills and sells their own daughters*
Chinese men today: “where are all the women”? 😥😢😅😂🤣
Dummies 🙄🤷🏻‍♂️

Автор — KHAIAS


My bf is chinese and he has no siblings due to 1 child policy. It affects how the young people think right now because even for him having 1 child in future is more than enough. His 2 cousins are in their mid 30 and one of them has no child, the other one has only 1 child. I live in china and most of my chinese female friends are still single and some dont wanna get married (they are about the age 25 - 30). There is even an app to rent bf just to show to your family on new year or mid autumn. This is so heartbreaking.

Автор — Miss Валентинка


1.6 children

"So whats the gender?"
"Maam theres actually something more inmortant than that"
"Your baby, boy, btw, is only .6 of a baby"
"Well thats normal"

Автор — Creme Puff


"45 year olds" "These people have paid off their debt"


Автор — wsxgfhccr


my grandparents had that one kid in china
then moved to america and had 8 more kids
so yeah i have a lot of extended family :p

Автор — Just A Noodle


They’re also killing hundreds of thousands of muslims.

Автор — Cm 14


In a nutshell:
China: so let's all only have one child cuz we are many
People: ok
China, later: wowowow wait you can't actually do that let's turn back! Have many babies and girls first and foremost.
People: uhm... we actually can't cuz we sterilized.
China: :/

Автор — LuminasLight


Love the smooth transition to the "1 Password Policy" ad. :D

Автор — Vako Shvili


But in America, money is the reason why people don't want/can't have children.

Babies cost too much money.

Автор — Stewie Griffin


*"We're gonna build...a WALL. It's going to be HUGE."*

Автор — Ashley Suhyun Kim