Why China Ended its One-Child Policy

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Why China Ended its One-Child Policy 5
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China has huge ambitions for the 21st century. But it’s demographic problems will be a significant challenge on the way there.

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Demographic explanations are inspired in part by several chapters of “The Accidental Superpower” by Peter Zeihan. It’s a great book and although this video is only a small slice (and not the main argument), it’s very interesting and worth reading. He’s the source of a couple specific phrasings like “countries can’t manufacture 18 year olds” which I think help explain the issue well.

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nowadays more and more people refuse to get married or have child,because it's too expensive to live

Автор — 小白


China: Oh no! My population is growing out of control! :(

Germany, Bulgaria and Japan: We wish we had your problem!

Автор — I'm A Centrist


China's problem isn't too few children, it's too many man.

Автор — No Face


Chinese men a decade ago: “who needs women?” - *kills and sells their own daughters*
Chinese men today: “where are all the women”? 😥😢😅😂🤣
Dummies 🙄🤷🏻‍♂️

Автор — KHAIAS


"...the average woman has 6.5 children."
*hol up*

edit: to those of you calling me out for not knowing what an average is, this edit is me calling you out for not knowing what a joke is.

Автор — builderpepc


"Children have become more of a liability - the kind that screams, cries and generates student loan debt"
That makes me sad

Автор — HassanLechkar


So what do we learn from this video ?
just can't compete with dogs."

Автор — Hoang Quach


there's no point of having children if u can't afford it

Автор — Binh ane


China: *One Child Policy*

Corona: *Say no more*

Автор — *Kim -Jung Un


maybe a few years later,there will be a ”one-condom policy ”…

Автор — 杨津生


China: *facing population crisis*

Wuhan Virus: “hold my beer”

Автор — Cardinals222 C


*China isn't a pyramid it's a rapidly-spinning Beyblade*

Автор — Matite Colorate Baneswitch


my grandparents had that one kid in china
then moved to america and had 8 more kids
so yeah i have a lot of extended family :p

Автор — Just A Noodle


In a nutshell:
China: so let's all only have one child cuz we are many
People: ok
China, later: wowowow wait you can't actually do that let's turn back! Have many babies and girls first and foremost.
People: uhm... we actually can't cuz we sterilized.
China: :/

Автор — LuminasLight


When citizens of a country see children as a liability, that country is likely only a generation or two from financial ruin.

Автор — Eric D


“Children have become a liability, the kind that generates student loan debt”

*laughs in Finnish high taxes*

Автор — Unseen


That was the smoothest transition into promoting a sponsor I've ever witnessed.

Автор — raheim21


Next step is to delay retirement age.
That means there are less jobs for young people.
Which means young people have less money.
And then they are even less likely to have children

Not only the problem wasn't solved, but you made young and old people more miserable

Автор — Gea Force


China: we have population crisis
Thanos : Yes

Автор — Human Being


4:18 "At age 65 people are done working."

*Laughs in Neoliberal Dystopia*

Автор — casey b