[60fps Full風] ACUTE - 初音ミク 巡音ルカ KAITO Miku Luka Project DIVA Arcade English lyrics Romaji subtitles

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[60fps Full風] ACUTE - 初音ミク 巡音ルカ KAITO Miku Luka Project DIVA Arcade English lyrics Romaji subtitles 5

I'm editing Full version ( from Short source songs ) or Clothes compilation ( from the Full source songs ) of Project DIVA. Project DIVAを編集してフルバージョンなどを作っています。Youtubeでは画質が落ち、フレームレートも半分でカクカクしますので、ぜひ実際にプレイしてみてほ­­しいです。
On You Tube, the movie is reduced to low quality and half frame rate from the 60fps. So please try to play the Project DIVA !!

I uploaded one of 60fps on NicoVideo. ニコ動に60fps版をUPします。

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( 黒うさP Kurousa-P ACUTE アキュート Project DIVA Arcade future tone VOCALOID ボーカロイド ボカロ English lyrics Romaji subtitles Hatsune Miku Megurine Luka カイト アーケード PV鑑賞モード ProjectDIVAArcade外部出力 Dance googoo888 PDA FT 巡音 ルカ )

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Anyone else here after Minnemi’s Spongebob cover?

Author — Matcha Musume


Luka: I love him more!
Miku: No! I love him more!


I'm Gay.

Author — WakarAn


Plot twist. Miku x Luka. Magnet arrives

Author — Mica Bautista


I honestly love how detailed the game made this video. Like, simple subtle details that told the story even if you didn't know the words.
Examples include:
Miku and Luka doing a cute lil dance together, in the beginning, signifying their friendship
Kaito interacting w Miku but still glancing to Luka who at times look sad all alone
Kaito just showing disgust with his facial features when he's with Miku
Luka and Kaito being the only ones to touch, showing they love each other
Kaito basically yanking his hand away from Miku as she grabs it right after

I mean just this whole thing was well thought out. Even the obvious ending, it's good because it shows Miku turning away BEFORE Luka bends down to check on Kaito, showing that Miku didn't care about what happened to Luka because now Luka can't have Kaito and that's all that matters

Author — FreeziiP


Miku: Kaito is mine!
Luka: No, he’s mine!
Meiko: *kicks the door down* DON’T TOUCH MY MAN

Author — TFaithMOMO


0:17 I misread “lick each other’s burns gently” as “lick each other’s bums gently”, please send help and glasses

Author — Bea Paulino


Plot twist - Miku and Luka realized Kaito wasn't worth it and decided to date each other-

Author — toph toph


Miku: I love him! Back off Luka!
Luka: No! You back off! I love him more!
Kaito: Sorry girls, I only

Ice cream

Author — Zera The illusion


Kaito in 0:32 - 0:38
Kaito: I want Miku
Kaito again: Never mind I want Luka
Once again, Kaito: I don't who I want, I'm having a crisis
Last Kaito: It's hard to be so damn hot

Author — Zoe Tordillos


Ok, I think that is finally time that someone clears things up a bit because I've seen a lot of misinformation in this comment section, hem hem:
Let me be a bit more clear.
In the song Miku, Luka and Kaito are friends, both the girls love Kaito and Kaito loves both girls.
At some point Miku and Kaito start dating and from what I get even get engaged.
Luka still has feelings for Kaito and the same can be said about him so they start a secret relationship, yup, not as innocent as the manga depicts them am I right?
Miku takes notice, from what you can see in this video Kaito gets colder towards her and doesn't want to touch her because he's overrun by guilt of what he's doing to her, so she knows that he is cheating, just not with who he is doing it.
So because she still loves him and wants to fix the relationship, she calls the one person she trusts the most, her best friend Luka.
Unfortunately exactly when she called, Luka and Kaito where in the middle of cheating and Miku hears all of it since Kaito didn't know it was her on the other side of the phone.
Miku loses her mind because of the betrayal and takes a knife before going to Luka's place where she catches both of them in the middle of the act.
Now filled with rage and blinded by it, she attacks Kaito, I think she stabs him in the chest.
Immediately realizing what she has done and feeling extremely guilty about it since she still loves him, she stabs herself in the neck to make sure she won't wake up again.
Luka calls the ambulance and saves them both, she probably covers Miku with the authorities and later Kaito does the same thing since they know that all of this it's their fault.
Miku wakes up in the hospital and Len, at the time in a relationship with Rin, takes interest in her story and wants to know the details, but since Miku doesn't want to talk about it and since she knows that he is already in a relationship and doesn't want to repeat history, this doesn't take anywhere and he spends a lot if time with her, making Rin jealous in the meantime.
I think that Len at some point did have some feelings for Miku, but they weren't as strong as those he felt for Rin, so he never acted upon it, even because Miku was still in love with Kaito and still wore the engagement ring he gave her.
Rin didn't know all of this and convinced herself that Len was cheating, so she started planning to commit suicide to get his attention exactly like Miku did.
Miku realized all of the signs and called both of them in the rooftop.
Desperate to not let history repeated itself she told everything that happened in Acute and begged Rin to not do the same mistake she did.
Rin realized her mistake and started crying, Len stopped feeling anything romantic towards Miku and concentrated in fixing his relationship with Rin and the three became friends, at the end of the music video of ReACT, Kaito is seen in a wheelchair with Luka taking care of him, but I think that in the end they didn't continue their relationship because it completely destroyed their friendship and the person they both loved, which is Miku that has to live for the rest of her life with the trauma and pain from being betrayed by the two she trusted since she was little, never able to love again.

Huff, took me sometime to write this, if you want to know the plot of the manga there are literally dozens of comments about it, but don't mistake it for the original since I personally take it as another interpretation of the story.
In the original Luka and Kaito are depicted in a far more villainous light while in the manga the author tries really hard to make the reader see Miku as a crazy bitch that couldn't accept her love to be in a relationship with someone else and even though Miku isn't a saint in the original story (stabbing your cheating fiancee is a no no), her actions have a lot more sense and weight behind them.
The fact that the manga completely discarded the story in favour of a shoujo that is black and white with Luka and Kaito clearly being the white and Miku clearly being the villain when in reality all three of them are culprit of something and are wrong in various degrees and the story is morally grey no matter how you look at it doesn't sit well with me, like at all.
Hope this helped any confused soul.

Author — Black._.ink__


Kaito: I choose...


Author — Cassidy Elmore


Math teacher" what's acute-
Me: a vocaloid song!

Teacher: correct

Author — Nonnie chu


There's always that one love triangle with two adults and a sixteen year old

Author — TaehyungTingz


Kaito x Miku shipper : I want Kaito - Miku
Kaito X Luka shipper : I want Kaito - Luka

Me : Let's relax and listen MAGNET :)

Author — Kaori Shimizu


I thought...
Kaito love ice cream?
Luka love salmon?
Miku love leek?


Author — Maku - Kun


2:47 Miku: Hold on fam, my phone's ringing..
2:56 Miku: Okay I'm ba- GUYS! WTF???

Author — Madoruzu


I’m here because I had to unsee the spongebob version

Author — Xeros-Beat


冷たい部屋を 揺れ動く感情
鋭く抉る 濡れた矛先
花火の様に 燃え上がる瞬間
互いを焦がし 焼け跡を舐めあう

このままでいいと思ってた 逃げ出した夜の中で
雨音が窓を打ち鳴らす 後悔に苛まれた

私だけを見てほしいなんて 素直に言える訳もない
歪んだ愛の結末には 何が見える?

闇が深まり 放たれる欲望
今この場所で 応えて欲しい
誰かの影が 見え隠れしている
怯える様に その胸に体を埋めて


カラカラと鈍い音をたて 歯車は廻まわっている

飽きもしないでアナタを信じ 慣れた作業がくるくると
確かめあったつもりになって 誤魔化される

突然のベル 絡み合う友情
嘘を重ねて 微笑んだまま
苦し紛れの 言い訳に縋すがれば
錆びたココロは ゆっくりと麻痺していくだけ



冷たい部屋を 交差する感情
今この場所で 応えて欲しい
悪魔の声は 突き刺さり消えない
仮面の裏を さあ引き剥がして

闇が深まり 戻れない愛情
鋭く抉る 濡れた矛先
花火の様に 弾けて消えるまで
互いを焦がし 全てを燃やしてく


Author — しゅがーhoney



Author — えーこ




Author — micchi k