[60fps Full風] ACUTE - 初音ミク 巡音ルカ KAITO Miku Luka Project DIVA Arcade English lyrics Romaji subtitles

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[60fps Full風] ACUTE - 初音ミク 巡音ルカ KAITO Miku Luka Project DIVA Arcade English lyrics Romaji subtitles 5

I'm editing Full version ( from Short source songs ) or Clothes compilation ( from the Full source songs ) of Project DIVA. Project DIVAを編集してフルバージョンなどを作っています。Youtubeでは画質が落ち、フレームレートも半分でカクカクしますので、ぜひ実際にプレイしてみてほ­­しいです。
On You Tube, the movie is reduced to low quality and half frame rate from the 60fps. So please try to play the Project DIVA !!

I uploaded one of 60fps on NicoVideo. ニコ動に60fps版をUPします。

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( 黒うさP Kurousa-P ACUTE アキュート Project DIVA Arcade future tone VOCALOID ボーカロイド ボカロ English lyrics Romaji subtitles Hatsune Miku Megurine Luka カイト アーケード PV鑑賞モード ProjectDIVAArcade外部出力 Dance googoo888 PDA FT 巡音 ルカ )

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Luka: I love him more!
Miku: No! I love him more!


I'm Gay.

Author — WakarAn


There's always that one love triangle with two adults and a sixteen year old

Author — TaehyungTingz


LUKA : I love him.
MIKU : I LOVE him First.
Both : Kaito, Whose You Like Most ?
Kaito : 😐 Ice cream

Author — FirLorX xD


Math Teacher: What's *acute* ?

Me: It's a Vocaloid song!

*teacher and whole class looks at me weirdly*

Me: Nah, just kidding. It measures more than 0 but less than 90°


Author — angel ramseyy



Luka and Kaito: *Tries to hug*
Miku: No bih!

Author — Is it HEY HO Or J-HOPEE


I honestly love how detailed the game made this video. Like, simple subtle details that told the story even if you didn't know the words.
Examples include:
Miku and Luka doing a cute lil dance together, in the beginning, signifying their friendship
Kaito interacting w Miku but still glancing to Luka who at times look sad all alone
Kaito just showing disgust with his facial features when he's with Miku
Luka and Kaito being the only ones to touch, showing they love each other
Kaito basically yanking his hand away from Miku as she grabs it right after

I mean just this whole thing was well thought out. Even the obvious ending, it's good because it shows Miku turning away BEFORE Luka bends down to check on Kaito, showing that Miku didn't care about what happened to Luka because now Luka can't have Kaito and that's all that matters

Author — FreeziiP


I thought...
Kaito love ice cream?
Luka love salmon?
Miku love leek?


Author — Maku - Kun


Don't leave a girl who closed her heart for you,
For another girl who opened her legs for you.

Author — Imogen Oakland


am i the only person who listens to vocaloids and doesn't ship them? like if they have a good love song i'll ship them for that song but no in general ships because i believe that they are portrayed by the songs in many different ways and because i like shipping based off personality's i don't ship them... guess so interesting

Author — SkullGurl 123


Miku: Kaito is mine!
Luka: No, he’s mine!
Meiko: *kicks the door down* DON’T TOUCH MY MAN

Author — TFaithMOMO


Kaito x Miku shipper : I want Kaito - Miku
Kaito X Luka shipper : I want Kaito - Luka

Me : Let's relax and listen MAGNET :)

Author — Kaori Shimizu


Plot twist. Miku x Luka. Magnet arrives

Author — fudge_shot


Miku : i love him
Luka : no i love him

Me : bish im going solo lo lo lo

Author — MR. A


i feel bad for luka because she deserve love and kaito is closer to her age than miku but i feel bad for miku in the manga because she was scared of losing her friends and being alone

Author — celeste harding


September of 2019??


Where’s all the vocaloid fans??!!??!!

Author — Via Lee


Kaito in 0:32 - 0:38
Kaito: I want Miku
Kaito again: Never mind I want Luka
Once again, Kaito: I don't who I want, I'm having a crisis
Last Kaito: It's hard to be so damn hot

Author — lmao lmao


Kaito: I choose...


Author — Tokyo Aquarium


Coming back to listen to this 5-6 years later and I’m honestly crying I miss this

Author — Tokki Jeon


Plot twist - Miku and Luka realized Kaito wasn't worth it and decided to date each other-

Author — ew nugget


I find it funny how the video just shows Kaito dancing and the subtitles are just angrily screaming *I WON'T FORGIVE YOU* .

Author — sati