🔥 Manitoba PNP - All you need to know !

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🔥 Manitoba PNP - All you need to know ! 5

All about MPNP- Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

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Just so nobody gets confused, let me reiterate an important eligibility criteria:
The MPNP for Skilled Workers Overseas nominates applicants who demonstrate an established connection to Manitoba through:
> the support of family members or friends;
> through previous education or work experience in the province; or
> through an Invitation to Apply received directly from the MPNP as part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

Author — Dream Abroad


When you say an active ongoing application, does it mean if I have applied for SINP (Though haven't got the invite), I cannot apply for MPNP??

Author — Mayur Patidar


Can i apply for EOI without having EE profile as I'm waiting for my wes report

Author — chaitali tamore


Hi, thanks for taking this to our notification. I am an experienced professional, having 7 year of total experience in project management with Insurance, IT and Banking sector. I am willing to explore better opportunities in Canada under AIPP or RNIP or any other program through which I can immigrate easily. I have IELTS score as below:
R- 6
W- 6
S - 6
L- 7.5

Author — Jatinder Bhamra


Appreciate the info presented @Dream Abroad. However, this is only 50%, without explaining what the "Strategic Initiative" is, which carries a chunk of 500 points, without which it's impossible to get 700 and above, required as per the current draw.

Author — Vikramaditya Deekonda


Hello, this is very useful. Is there any Video which has shown step by step application process in MPNP ?

How does MPNP kicks off? From EOI > what nexts?

This will be very powerful! Thanks a lot.

Author — nazmus sakib


Good morning Tiwari Sir, my family relationships in Manitoba & i have experience around 8 year of US (Wal-Mart & Baskin Robbins ice cream) multinational company in India and did MBA (Sales Marketing). I did recently done WES. Can I apply for MPNP kindly suggest to me. Sir I need your advice regarding MPNP.

Author — Harvinder singh


First things first.. Your videos are very informative, thanks a lot for that.

How much will it cost if I apply for Canadian PR.?

Author — Syed Ameen


Hello Sintnshu, must excellent show all the while!!! Just would like to about timelines for processing mpnp application under conventional human pathway. What should we consider the timelines here? TIA.

Author — summishelat



Does my friend need to stay in the province till the time I get my visa?


Author — Johnny Bravo


glad to see this video because my first cousin lives in Manitoba.
I wanna know that is essential to get both provincial licensing body and ECA for the MPNP.
I wanna tell u that I have calculated my points those are 477.
looking forward to hearing from u soon.

Author — Yasir Memon


my aunt (bhua) son is pr in Manitoba can I claim 200 pts for a close relative.
(my father and my aunt has same parents)

Author — kumar 001


Hi sir, could u pls make a video on, how to pay Canada permanent residence fees online step by step?

Author — brij2710


Bro pls tell me something about AIPP..
how can i proceed??

Author — Inder Jeet


How many points(i.e minimum points ) do we require in the ranking system to be eligible for this PNP ?

Author — Nikhil John Abraham


If we have friends as connection in Manitoba, what kind of proof do we require to submit in this scenario. Adding to it, I also want to ask you that we meet the eligibility criteria and having the more than required point. can't we apply for MPNP?

Author — Purwa Piplewar


thanks alot for the info. I completed ielts academic and got an overall score of 7.5. Is that result not valid for this? I was planning to do higher studies. Since it didnt work, im gonna apply for PR. Thanks in advance!!

Author — Udani Anupama



I would like to confirm whether express entry profile is must for PNP? As I was having 5.5 in one of the module, I am not able to create a profile in EE.

Is that a mandatory?

Author — Althaf Mohamed


Hi, I submitted EOI in Saskatchewan, is this mean I can submit another EOI in another province ? This not application.. right ?

Author — Amr Munir


Hi sheetanshu
Wanna ask you only one question i.e can we apply along with MPNP into Quebec

Author — Learning Solution