Resident Evil 2 Remake- Hide And Seek With MrX Ps4 Gameplay 1080p 60fps

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I played This game on My Ps4 SLIM and recorded this with capture Card AVER MEDIA and For Editing i use SONY VEGAS

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The fact that Tyrant can climb the ladder is freaking me out

Author — Padme Raven


Now imagine doing this in real life. Fear levels increase by a thousand.

Author — Michael Rubino


To be fair he would make a excellent librarian

Author — B


*sees tyrant*
Me: he’s not that scary
*climbs a ladder*

Author — Strange Person01


Imagine stuck in a place full of zombies and this guy appears out of nowhere and starts chasing you

Author — Bipin Dongol [Bruce]


anyone else got extreme anxiety looking at this?😂😂

Author — Anselm Hall


Hearing him walking makes my heart like beat a mile a minute and it hurts. First time I’ve been scared of a character in video games. Proves this remake is amazing and capcom did a rly good job with this.

Author — The Small Blonde One


It's scarier playing hide and seek with Mr X on hardcore difficulty because he's a hell of a lot faster than this.

Author — Mike 2400


Sir, you have a lot of courage. I wouldn't even dare to play hide and seek with the dude



Ok, here's how Trenchie's AI works:

1. Only a portion of RPD is loaded at any given time, the room you're in, the room adjacent to your room and maybe a few beyond that.
2. Mr. X patrols RPD in real time looking for you, but when he's in an unloaded area, he travels at much faster speed - almost teleporting from door to door. If you suddenly hear a loud thud, he just teleported to a room near you. This is how he breaks through the wall in Leon's scenarios.
3. If you fire a shot anywhere in RPD, Mr.X instantly teleports to the nearest loaded door and will be fully aggroed onto you.
4. If you run, the chance of your footsteps getting his aggro is much higher.
5. You will never get his aggro if you walk or use knives to kill enemies, in this sense, Mr.X is a licker who can hear you throughout the entire RPD.
6. Many people don't know this, but if you walk in a straight line, Mr.X will never catch up to you, he is that slow. Very useful when you have to deal with lickers and Mr.X at the same time.
7. The best way of getting rid of Mr.X is putting as much doors between you and him as possible, he can lose track of you very fast this way. If you're in the same room as Mr.X (Records room, lockers room, west office for example), run around the furniture to give yourself a head start and get away from him.
8. The best solution of dealing with Mr.X, is to only trigger him when you absolutely have to. Get the first cube conductor and the large gear before you put out the helicopter fire in A scenarios, get the first two emblems and put them on the statue before you go to S.T.A.R.S. office for the battery in B scenarios. This way, the amount of time Mr.X is in the RPD is greatly reduced.
9. A list of rooms Mr. X cannot enter: secret room in the main hall, dark room, S.T.A.R.S. office, clock tower, watchmen's office and everything beyond that, interrogation/observation room, boiler room, chief's office.
10. Unless you're absolutely cornered, don't shoot Mr.X, you're essentially wasting ammo and taking unnecessary risks when you attack him.

Once you understand how his AI works, he's much easier to deal with, and can be a lot of fun trolling xD.

Author — X Y


Was I the only one tensing up every time he couldn't see him correctly around the corner

Author — joe branch


i love how mr x politely opened the door to the library and didn't just wreck his way thru it

Author — fragile caprisun


If you're wondering why he's not leaving the area, it's because this was the place he last heard you and there's been no noise to indicate you're anywhere else (footsteps, gunfire, monster roars). The AI for him is surprisingly smart, and also relatively fair.

Author — Jaimas


Every time Mr X is close, I’m like 5 heartbeats away from a heart attack.

Author — January


Mr. X: Me hear Leon but me no see Leon..

Author — Sabre Sessh


You can tell whoever's playing this is scared as hell

Author — Proud Kiwi


I just started playing this last night and doing the Claire story. I didn't expect to run into someone like him and actually had a dream of him chasing me and no matter how many doors I went through he was still right on my ass lol.

Author — Drewcifer


That Brightness settings

I feel you bro

Author — Bobby F


One time he was chasing me and I entered a door while hearing his footsteps. At some point they stopped for a long time and I thought he had retreated or something so I left the room and he was right there waiting for me behind the door. I almost lost my shit...

Author — The Strong


I stopped playing this game soon after Mr X appeared. His footstep sounds and relentless pursuit of me gave me insane anxiety.

Author — Souls Fury