The Best Sports Vines May 2018 (Part 4)

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The Best Sports Vines May 2018 (Part 4) 4.5
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at 1:08 when your squad goes tilted but you wanna go snobby

Автор — Ike Cha


1:11 when your friends fail a test but you dont

Автор — Aidan Mehmel


That guy at 6:40 is a real hero kangaroos hold dogs heads under water and drown them and the

Автор — Luke Connolly


2.56 the way he points his finger omg like he is the only man in this world

Автор — Aamer Deshmukh


Caption: when you said you would join your friends and you did not really want to

Автор — Kaleb Sports


2:01 “when you say that you’re fine but you’re not really fine”.

Автор — TimmyKens


The last video tho dude he was on a rule he got some moves 😎🤩

Автор — Kaylee Beyer


1:08 when you cancel plans at the last second because you know it's gonna be a bad time

Автор — Andrew O'callaghan


Caption- ditching dem hoes like

Also 2.13 she got dropped hard

Автор — Super03 Playz