Hatsan Escort BTS12 Bullpup 12ga

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

...then I got a 12ga bullpup for my birthday, so I was like...

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Lolol I barely know anything about shotguns, so, I went out and bought the Hatsan escort BTS12 just today, and my precious wife gave me $200 bucks towards it for my birthday. That's funny lolol bro because I was the same way about what kind of ammo to purchase, I didn't know, but I did know that slugs is one type to get. Our experience is so similar concerning the BTS12, maybe your my brother from another mother lol.



I just want to let you know man because of this review and the one proceeding it I have subscribed to your channel I have a great deal of respect I personally have attempted to make a few videos and is far more difficult than I think the average person realizes I love the firearm and would not have bought it without your review thank you again for everything you are doing

Author — T Cantrell


I pick mine up tomorrow bruh!!!! This hands down one of the best bullpups.
Price/Weight/Modification ability.

Author — E-MONEY_202


Enjoyed your review and I put 1 on lay away

Author — Mark Adair


In the same boat never messed around for shotgun.

Author — K M


That's one cool shotgun. I have pretty much the same gun. But mine is a Dickinson ranger bp. Haven't fired it yet. That comes next weekend.

Author — bigbadjohn pesek


Nice video I got the bts12 gauge and a hk416

Author — Juicedoutterr


Look at my dog... boy cash thsts you bruhhh

Author — Breg Washington