BLENDER EXPLOSIONS IN 7 MINUTES: ft. KHAOS add-on! 'Build' explosions in Blender!

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Hey everyone! This video goes through the steps in creating explosions in Blender utilizing Mantaflow with the KHAOS add-on operators and fire shader. Unlike previous explosion tutorials made on this channel I tried to make this one more condensed. Let me know what you think and what you would like to learn next!

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Destruction in Blender for Absolute Beginners
Quick explosions in Blender 2.8! Lazy explosion tutorial Ian Hubert
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I bought Khaos yesterday and I love it but I have a few questions
1: Are you planning on updating to 2.9?
2: Is there a way to make bakes faster than I'm not aware of.
3: Is there a way to take a solid mesh and use the principled volume on it? I have a nuke 3d model and I want to use the shader on it

Author — BKG Studios


I think this format is great for the "intro" and then proceed with the "step by step". Anyways, great material!

Author — Activemotionpictures


Freaking awesome! Simple and effective!

Author — Blender VFX


I have hard time to form the shape of explosions as I want. When I check the tutorials there are some tips spread out in different tutorials(and different versions of blender). However should be nice to have a tutorial that shows side by side comparisons on the different settings(similar to what you have at 3:29). To easier under stand how they affect the shape.

My plan was to just try to work with one explosion to learn to shape it before I start combine them. Where I struggle is to make the explosions as a mushroom (with thin foot). I can´t figure out how to make it with the 360 ground burst. I should also tried to make an explosion that was quick but the smoke slow expended upwards like a gas can explode. I was not able to do that either :(

Any tips on how to tweak the settings to achieve the two above explosions?

Author — utte karlsson


Is it possible with Khaos, to have the explosion trigger when that system is struck by another particle system? I would like to create a laser blast shot that triggers an explosion when the laser blast hits an enemy fighter.

Author — Danny Bouchard


Hi i just downloaded Khaos wow its amazing simple and yet powerfull keep up good work

Author — oliver dropco tutorials


Idea, and something I plan to try out in a future explosion test. Concussive wave via some sort of transparent shader with ior set to a to be determined value. The low pressure wave that proceeds the concussion could be a simple sphere shell volume with a noise texture applied that expands at the same rate as the concussion.

Author — C Gooch


Lickin my chops for 2.9x. Although ground burst artillery blasts work and look pretty much the same for me in 2.9.1

Author — randmanq


Can we do smoke plumes using Khaos? I mean, just smoke plumes. The big kind, from gas explosions and such.

Author — Black Dome Films


Hi I bought the Khaos explosion plugin I installed them on blender 2.83 also on 2.82, and I wanted to do the tutorial the one with the truck but I realized that I can hardly move anything, everything slowed down as soon as I clicked on dynamic smoke / fire and directional burst nothing moves anymore except in slow motion, I don't know what it depends on, my computer has 16 gb ram and my graphics card 8 gb I don't know why everything goes so slowly, then I wanted to ask you please if when you do the tutorials for this plugin, try to do them more slowly and more understandable because most of the time you can't even see what you clicked, too bad because the plugin is a nice plugin but you also have to find a way to explain it well and above all slowly, ok ? thanks, see you soon....

Author — Pegasus10


Every time I bake noise my simulation disappears completely and I have to start over? Is this because of adaptive domain in 2.9? Any tips on how to fix that?

Author — Max Bloom


after baking i dont see any of flame stuff i only see particles any help ?

Author — bawaOp gaming


What is the purpose of this turorial to do it so quickly? I can barely follow this.

Author — Jan Daglinckx


I love how easy this looks but I donť want to buy the plugin until I am sure it works - I found free old version on blender 2.79 but baking takes like all night to complete - Is it faster on newer versions or is it just my PC? I would buy the plugin if I was sure i can make something with it later but right now it just looks that my pc is too slow...

Author — Spoonkiller Cz


step by step please... there are so many parameters we can't follow ... need to understand what we are doing.

Author — George S


Hi! Nice add on but even if I follow the tutorial, my render (cycle, 128res 3Noise) explosion is completly white..Like a flash.I don't see any orange. It seems that's a problem with the fire because the smoke looks well. any explanations?? It's frustrating when I see your results..;) Thks

Author — kiane kamran


What addons i need for this to work? Im using blender 2.91

Author — JaguarVFX


hi im using blender 2.8 but i try to add a collision cube through the menu system but there is no menu system in chaos tab can i ask if there is buttom or a shortcut buttom for menusystem so that I can use a collision cube
im watching your step by step tuturial

Author — JhonReal Millares


Does this have a sample blend file for beginners?

Author — luke williams


Why does my explosion look slow? Yours expands fast, but mine expands slowly.

Author — mevou