Central to Broken Hill- NSW Trainlink XPLORER Review

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This is a review styled video of the Broken Hill Xplorer service from Central station.

Thanks to Danijel Zambo!

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Good video. Just a point I think is important to make. The food honestly isn't that bad on services. I feel like you maybe comparing it to a restaurant or home meal. Please just consider there is no cooking facilities onboard and you are eating in the middle of nowhere. Its better than eating things you would find along the tracks. I think if you travel and compare it to other countries with a similar priced meal plans, you'll find they are quite good. Also just remember everyone seems to have a dietary need nowadays. Hence they give you salt, because they avoid adding it. Glad to see you made it in one piece and at least you didn't hit a camel. Western is a nice region to explore

Author — ten ten


Good video. I was gonna drive there but then saw this video and decided i’m definitely going to drive there

Author — Nishan was here


Why is Australia so backwards? 13 hours stuck on that train just to go from Sydney to Broken Hill? Also the service is only weekly, otherwise you have to catch the old XPT to Dubbo and then a coach all the way to Broken Hill making the journey about 15 hours. To top it off the only airline that flies from Sydney to Broken Hill are REX and they charge around $750 return. For that price you could fly return to Hong Kong with Qantas. No wonder people are stuck with no alternatives but slow old trains and buses. A similar distance journey on the fast TGV trains in Europe would take about 5 hours. You can travel from Paris to Marseilles (almost the same distance as Sydney to Melbourne) in 3 hours on a modern comfortable TGV.

Author — Bloke About Town


I replayed the first 10 seconds several times before I realised you live in Riverwood -I also live there. You walked down Thurlow St past Club Rivers.

Author — Keith Lyons


thank you gave me an idea on what to expect when i finally catch the train from Sydney to Broken Hill and return. Sadly the turn around is the problem

Author — Rammer Gramps


Alan, this is actually so cool!!!! You should make more videos like this!!!

Author — Alan Jessup


I’ll be taking the train and heading to broken hill in October has there been any improvements over the 4 years?

Author — EliteFalcøn


at 3:57 how do you avoid the toilet on a 12 hour trip? Great vid though.

Author — James B


not much in broken hill, but the fact that we dont have fast trains that go from sydney to melbourne is just ludicrous

Author — Antphoneigh


What the hell I was watching this random video then I see my teacher in the background lol

Author — Dylan Slavin


thankyou for making this video well worth watching I did notice you showed some of the food being served I wish the caterers would look at presentation of food and ask would they take that home for mum to eat if they wouldn't take it home for mum to eat they really need to look at presentation taste and the way food is served I also noticed the train looks very old it looks like it could do with a makeover new paint job pimp it up a bit and modernise it and look at making the trip faster

Author — tony henwood


Great train report. How much is the fare?

Author — Transport vlogs


So don't use the toilet, don't eat the food. This is somewhere I don't know where. Mate you better fly next time.

Author — Syngen Smyth


You should have filmed at Darnick! The 3rd smallest used train platform in the world!

Author — Transport Videos Australia


Were you in First Class or Economy Class?

Author — Obsessed with Trains


Hi mate next time can you please tell us all the time, off each station you arrive at. Great information anyway. I've done this trip, a couple off times once in early 1997 when the used a 81 class locomotive with old hub cars, my last trip was in a Explorer in 2008 both times the the the trip took 15 hours I.e arriving at Broken Hill just Ather 9:30pm. When I when it was summer so they slowed the train down too 90 kph. Mate looks like you left in winter, so you would not off had to slow down because the heat. Anyway please say the time and the station when you arrive just so we all know what time it is when you arrive thanks mate pls do more.. Posts

Author — Colin Wilkie