Vladimir Putin interviewed by the Financial Times | FT

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Vladimir Putin interviewed by the Financial Times | FT 4.5

The Financial Times is the first major international newspaper to be granted an interview with the Russian leader for 16 years. Here is the exclusive interview with editor Lionel Barber and Moscow bureau chief Henry Foy in full

0:00:08 How has the world changed over the last 20 years?
0:01:49 Has the world become more fragmented?
0:02:27 What do you want to achieve in Osaka?
0:04:31 OPEC oil production agreements
0:07:27 How does Trump compare to other US presidents?
0:10:54 Trump’s criticisms of European alliances
0:15:10 Globalisation vs ‘America First’
0:16:25 Russia and China’s relationship
0:21:02 Danger of tensions between Russia America and China
0:24:05 Arms control
0:26:45 Potential for nuclear agreements
0:28:08 China’s maritime strength
0:30:45 North Korea
0:33:06 North Asia security situation
0:34:42 Has your appetite for risk increased?
0:36:51 Intervening in Syria
0:42:13 Venezuela
0:50:15 Anglo-Russian relations post Skripal
0:55:32 Did what happened in Salisbury send an unambiguous message to anyone who is thinking of betraying the Russian state that it is fair game?
0:57:04 Russia’s economy and foreign exchange reserves
1:04:18 Russia’s macro economic stability - oligarchs
1:06:05 Breakup of the Soviet Union vs China’s anticorruption campaign
1:09:30 Can Russian remain immune to backlashes against the establishment?
1:14:30 Did Angela Merkel make a mistake?
1:18:32 The end of the liberal idea
1:21:15 Religion is not the opium of the masses?
1:21:49 Is now the time for illiberals?
1:24:33 Who do you most admire?
1:26:10 How will your successor be chosen?

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oh thanks for adding subtitles instead of voiceover

Author — ademar9988


"First of all we have enough eggs, but there are not that many baskets where these eggs can be placed"

that was a good one

Author — Donor Soul


Never thought I could finish watching an interview that was more than an hour and NOT feeling bored at all. Learn a lot from this. Great questions from the journalist and of course excellent answers from Putin as usual.

Author — Picalingo


I can't believe that the guy at the table wore those socks to this interview. Outrageous.

Author — Jon Hart


Imagine Biden answering these question. "We are you know, its hard you its eeehmm (dementia enabled) YOU KNOW THE THING! HAHA :D

Author — Rene Thorø Pedersen


i came here thinking i was going to watch a few minutes, but I ended up watching the entire interview -- thanks! Fascinating questions and answers.

Author — Emmanuel M.


He has to be one of the smartest men of all time

Author — Seven .8


Vladmir Putin is the smartest leader I've ever followed. He's so well informed about almost everything. My leader!

Author — Munyaradzi Mukarati


One of the best interviews I have watched in my life.

Author — Uthandaraman R


i hafta admit, made me reconsider what i always was told how to think about him. he seems like an intellegent genuine thoughtful person. seems like a far cry from how alot of journalism portrays him

Author — Jerimy Robinson


Are you guys at the Financial Times trying to set a new trend, by actually posting unedited content. How can this be, what have you done, the Western Media will implode; YOU ARE ALL CRAZY REBELS!!!

Author — Alex P.


i like the way vladmire talks its just imo so calming

Author — Ilovedogs


Say whatever you want about him but I understand the Russian people for voting for him.
Greetings from Germany

Author — Daniel Stenzel


This is exactly what true leadership looks like! I wish we would have a leadership with such a directness and clarity in Germany, but unfortunately we don't...

Author — Edgecution89


Such an intelligent, smart, strong leader! Mr Putin! ❤️

Author — Larssen Shine


Very professional interview, which makes a welcome change from the often rude and aggressive journalism of other media outlets.

Author — Neil O'Toole


I'm started to liking that man from FT and his focus... Very professional... Of course Putin is always cool!

Author — Hangmei Asao


he gives the impression of a truly stoic leader

Author — TheBloodPainter


This is the best or close to the best interview I have seen for 20 years.

Author — Han


The way putin talks is so calm and melodic
Actually I wanna start learning russian because of him

Author — Mar Iam