Bringing Down Baghdadi I A VICE News Report

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Bringing Down Baghdadi I A VICE News Report 4.5

On the very first VICE News Reports on VICELAND, we bring you an inside look at how Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s henchmen did his bidding, what led to his downfall, and why he was ultimately killed in Idlib, a territory not controlled by ISIS. Look for more VICE News Reports coming soon.

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If Bhagdadi didn't pay his taxes, the IRS would have captured him in 2013

Author — Zack


Toyota must be heart broken at the death of their loyal customers.:(

Author — Emperor Napoleon


Any men that puts children in danger like he did, he is a coward.

Author — Sophie Lala


If you use women and children as a shield.... yes you are a coward....

Author — jaco Kruger


I honestly loved how professional the reporter was when talking to the 2 criminals she deserves s a lot of credit

Author — XOUT LAST


Those 2 captured dudes are beyond evil you can see it in there eyes

Author — Cameron Schlobohm


I don’t know....when a dude blows himself up with two of his own children that sounds like a coward to me🤷‍♂️.

Author — john smith


Isobel is so underrated as a reporter like she looks danger in the eyes and stays professional

Author — Moryah Summers


"Yesterday she was playing with me. To Bashar al-Asad, she is a terrorist." - The poor father's cry who just lost his little child, breaks my heart.

Author — Rezwanur Rahman


I can’t believe there’s people who just believe killing the leader of isis will end isis

Author — Spicy Dalaylah


I watched the whole thing, the one part that got to me the most is 36:20
The way he talks about his daughter in Arabic about how they were playing just yesterday killed me

Author — Adam Alkhatib


I'm sorry, but seeing that guy run awkwardly around the battlefield In skinny Jeans is pretty mind bottling!!!

Author — Stephen Miller


Look at his body language he behaves like an insecure liar 15:20 - 16:00
Mouth is saying one thing but demeanor is saying something different

Author — Dr. Emmett Brown


While these guys hates America, they are wearing Nike shirts!

Author — SuperKwame1


15:11 why are those two butchers still alive ?

Author — Iulian Ortodox


I remember when this happened the main stream media here in the states made Baghdadi look like an okay guy.

Author — Justin Collins


I like watching the the brides of these stoneaged animals beg to come back to the west.

Author — God


Give major respect to those reporters that risked their lives in the warzone for information

Author — Peter Ng


These ISIS members are seriously brainwashed.
God show them right path.

Author — Himansh Bhad


“He was whimpering, screaming and crying”! 🤣 Trump can be savage asf sometimes! 😭

Author — Mustafa Ali