Death of British jihadi Thomas Evans captured on camera

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Death of British jihadi Thomas Evans captured on camera 4

Video footage obtained by ITV news shows the night British jihadi Thomas Evans was killed in a gunfight in Kenya. Report by Conor Mcnally.

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Round of applause for the Kenyan army👏👏👏👏

Author — nad7894


That didn’t show a camera falling to the ground.

Author — Christopher Manella


He died a traitors death, probably a quicker one than he deserved, sad for his family though.

Author — Steve Parker


I feel no mercy for a traitor to ones own country. He deserved that.

Author — Nub Bub


Man that shootout in the night was lit af. Looked like wizards fighting.

Author — Mil I. Mèta


Call me a pessimist but anybody claiming to be an infantry commander and leading troops into battle while wearing yellow flip-flop sandals is probably padding the experience section of his resume.

Author — Eurotrash4367


What terrible tactics they have. No wonder they revert to killing civilians, they can't stand toe to toe with today's modern military's.

Author — RightAway87


I remember his mum she used to teach me in my primary school. She used to help me catch up on my work (I have autism and ADHD) and just wonder what she is up to now

Author — Fearr


I'd imagine he wasn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen drawer and was probably easily influenced by them, maybe didn't have many friends etc.

Author — Tylerama


Happy for his family at least they don’t have this embarrassment in there lives 😂

Author — James Royle


Got what he deserves, poetic justice ha ha ha

Author — Chrissy Pearson


When you can´t find your rangers and have to wear flip flops to the battle

Author — SunDance00


those guys are horrible shots, they riddled the sky with bullets

Author — zack barron


Please issue a 10 digit for his grave site, I am going to need to take a dump after chow.

Author — Ryan Taylor


0:49 A warlord with Bright Orange flip-flops. Interesting😅

Author — Boimah Sambola


Camouflage gear, huge gun, orange flip flops

Author — Mel Campbell


you know you feel bad for his parents :'C but i cant say the same about feeling bad about him

Author — Anti


If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die.

Author — Michael Sorino


No great loss, best laugh I’ve had in ages

Author — Tilly T


he found what he was searching for: death

Author — Danny Roosenboom