Iran plane crash: what happened?

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Iran plane crash: what happened? 4.5
Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 has crashed near Tehran, Iran, killing all 176 people on board. Sixty-three of them were Canadian. Redmond Shannon reports on the devastation, while Eric Sorensen explains why getting answers on the investigation won't be easy.

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They won't hand over the black boxes, the plane didn't send out an emergency call for help which rules out everything like engine failure as it probably means that it was hit by a missile.

Автор — Richie Rifle


Sadly I lost my dearest younger sister on this tragedy, God bless all of passengers they are resting in peace

Автор — Ali Moghadam


The timing of this already makes it seem fishy and then when u add the black box thjng something is definitely up with this whole thing . Sad but still is very very fishy

Автор — CM_ 0813


I don’t know the Canadians on the plane personally. But I go to Uottawa and 3 people from my school were on that plane. Seeing this can happen so close to you is sad. Thought and prayers to the families.

Автор — William Bai


My family prayers go out to all those taken so suddenly in this tragedy. May his light guide them to his Grace.

Автор — Matthew Csizmadi


You have to be stupid to believe this is a coincidence. This is murder.

Автор — Danny Desira


How selfless of the pilots.
Knew they were gonna die.. And even knowing that.. Saved lives by steering away from the residential area.

RIP to those Hero's and all on board.

Those poor children tho. Life can be so damn cruel. 😢

Автор — Silent_MajorityUSAF 88


One of those technical issues where it crashes into a random anti aircraft missile.

Автор — Machete Yo


Iran refuses to hand over the black boxes.... there’s more to this horrific crash than engine failure or pilot error.

Автор — Amy Louise


Yes Iran admitted they made a serious mistake.

Автор — Bill R


Such sadness all these gifted people My sympathy to their families and friends.

Автор — Marlene Ful


The news around the globe today is very hearthbreaking... Wild Fires, war, terrorism..🙏

Автор — Rhinoa David


Engine failure? The peices are so small and so scattered. Looks like it blew up before it the ground

Автор — colten dixon


5:42 I never knew Ethiopia’s flag was the Boeing logo

But seriously R.I.P. to everyone and sending love to all the families that were affected ❤️

Автор — Conrad


Me and my family knew 6 people on that to all the victims and praying for the families affected...

Автор — Michelle Qureshi


Iranian's shot the plane down its simple as that otherwise hand the black box over to Canada or Ukraine.

Автор — Peaches N Cream


Airplane was 3.5 y old, (was inspected 6.1.2020)---- Ukraine is close ally with US. Since last year, Iran is close ally with Russia ???!!!

Автор — Jon H


Sudden explosion. bomb or missile or bomb of some description. The evil acts continue. Very sad and needless loss of life.



Hey a Reporter acting like a journalist and considering ALL angles. Nice to see. Its been a while.

Автор — P.D. S


RIP for people and grief for Families 🙏🏻

Автор — Alan H