Trump meets the Queen at Buckingham Palace - BBC News

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Trump meets the Queen at Buckingham Palace - BBC News 4
US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are meeting the Queen on the first day of their state visit to the UK.
The pair are at Buckingham Palace for a private lunch and welcome ceremony.
Mr and Mrs Trump arrived on Air Force One earlier on Monday and were taken to the US ambassador's home in central London, where they are staying.

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"Have these two men met before?"
I don't know it's hard to tell if "
Do some bloody research it wasn't a chance encounter for goodness sake.

Author — Jason Landers


The UK is such a beautiful country. I have deep respect for your Queen. Hello from California, USA

Author — Church Channel


Gracious as always, Elizabeth II, one of the world's most prestigious world leaders. We appreciate your warm welcome. Thank you for the honor.

Author — Dr. P.D. Sargent


Welcome to the UK and London President Trump.

Author — Just Some Guy


I'm so glad only Senior Royals attend this go round of President Trump and First lady Milania visiting Queen Elizabeth.

Author — Born to pray Word of God


With all respect to Mr Trump but the First Lady looks so beautiful!!
I love her dress very elegant!

Author — Salis Eduardo


the queen will live for another 100 years

Author — Imaadh Uzair


The kind of quality reporting we've come to expect from the

Author — J.Cheever Loophole


Beautiful machine, excellent flying and landing skills.🚁

Author — ODD-one out n about


From America, thank you to the royals for hosting our president. The queen is a class act.

Author — Cobb Knobbler


God Save The Queen ! and The President of The United States !

Author — Roha Waha


"We had some tea - great tea. Probably the greatest tea that's ever been served, much better than Obama's."
~ Trump's report of what happened inside.

Author — Charles Dickens


"Terrorism is a part and parcel of living in a big city" nobody right in their mind says that.

Author — Beyond Gravity FPV


The morons don't represent the majority. He's more than welcome.

Author — Martin Tabony


The skills that our pilots have that fly our Potus and the Flotus is truly astonishing.

Author — Secret Coder


Times like this I miss Princess Diana ...

Author — PISQUE1969 Francis


*helicopters flying around buckingham palace*

me: Is the RF being arrested or is WW3 happening?

Author — Steve Jobs


No there was not warmth between Queen and Obama’s especially Mich.

Author — Motivational Communication Seminar/Workshops of Southern California


God Save the Queen and God Bless America.

Author — unclejake154


"It was quite interesting talking to Jeremy Hunt." Another BBC lie.

Author — n a