10 Songs You've Heard and Don't Know the Name

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10 Songs You've Heard and Don't Know the Name 5

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Wow, we unlocked new character: flutist!

UPD: Guys I know there are two ways to write "flutist" (or "flautist", yass), I'm a little tired of editing this comment...

Author — Killer Queen


Actually these are all the tunes we hear in Tom and Jerry 😂😂

Author — Aryan Gupta


The guy on the piano has to be world champion in staring contest.

Author — John Doe


Plot twist: the music sheet is where the camera is that’s why he keeps looking at the camera

Author — Leah Hinestrosa


Anyone wanna mention how the pianist look like he freshly murdered someone.

Author — Ryan Miller


The flutist is more like a hostage than a flutist.
A wrong note and he die 😂

Author — mastorpatate


For all my people stuck in 144p:

0:00 10. Flight of the Bumblebee - Rimsky Korsakov
0:13 9. William Tell Overture - Rossini
0:42 8. Sabre Dance - Aram Khachaturian
1:08 7. Frühlingsstimmen - Johan Strauss II
1:46 6. Entry of the gladiators - Julus Fucik
2:21 5. Colonel Bogey March - Lieutenant F. J. Ricketts
2:54 4. Tico-Tico no Fubá - Zequinha de Abreu
3:17 3. Stars and Stripes Forever - John Philip Sousa
3:52 2. El Condor Pasa
6:01 1. Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy - Tchaikovsky

Author — Twoon Ethree


The skull at the background is from someone who lost a staring match with him

Author — I hh


The reason you can’t see him blink is because he blinks at the same time you do

Author — michael hall


This flautist is amazing, the sound he achieves. Bravo.

Author — N H


Im still waiting for 10 songs you know the name of but haven't heard

Author — Luke Plays Clash


Me: Are you being held hostage? Blink once for yes and twice for no

Painting in background: Blinks once

Author — Cole TV


“El Condor Pasa” is such a beautiful piece of music.

Author — iPhilGood


Me: "I know this song"

The Title: "You weren't supposed to do that"

Author — MarcelDoesGaming


-is this a magic?
-is this a dream?
-Well, what is this?

Author — Özkan Yeşiltepe


He should edit the vid title to "10 songs you've heard in Tom And

Author — Aniket Aher


Two bearded geniuses masters of their respective instrument

Author — Kristófer Óli Sigurðsson


I wonder how the composer of „Entry of the gladiators“ would feel about their piece becoming the theme music to fares and clowns one day if they had just known beforehand

Author — Water Under The Bridge


I love how the entrance of the Gladiators became in The entrance of the Clowns

Author — Daniel Tunarosa


Im just sitting here then on entrance of the gladiators: POLKA DOT AFRO AFRO CIRCUS

Author — Jonathan Habecker