New Care Package G7 Scout Vs Old G7 Scout

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Me: pick a weapon and starts to get good with it.
Apex devs: to the care package it goes!

Author — TKonethousand


This comment section shows how incredibly underrated the g7 was

Author — Snewp_E 2


season 0 g7 is stronger than care package g7 lol

Author — JoeJoe 29


I like how the damage to head is just the damage to body with swapped numbers

Author — Emb3r


Ok so it has basically no ammo, got it

Author — la .lilis.


last season: "man, alternator sure feels ez and handy to use!"
*goes to carepackage*

current season: "man the scout is kinda handy and very useful! might actually become one of my fav."
*goes to carepackage aswell*

(pain from experience)

Author — The Cruzer


Well this used to be my go to gun for mid to long range. Now that Triple take is back out I guess I'll use that instead. Triple Take and Flatline, R301, Prowler, R99, or CAR will be a nasty load out. Triple covers both long and hipfire ranges, and the automatic covers mid to short range.

Author — Patrick Coyne


The g7 was the gun that I knew was good. Dominated with it when I decided to pick it up, yet still never cared to fully use it. I'm glad it's in the care package cause now I have an incentive to pick it up again. However the triple take returning to floor loot is going to give me some flashbacks I don't want

Author — St4r


Hopefully it keeps up to the other care package weapons

Author — Jaxon


It looked like the care package g7 was the same as the old, those last 2 seconds gave me a surprise and I already think this might be op

Author — Best Bun


It takes the same number of shots to kill purple and red evos with bodyshots, so the damage buff isn't very important. I think it should be buffed some more for the CP

Author — layelaye


So we finally see the return of the 2 round burst. Hopefully it’s better than it was in practice compared to older sessions

Author — Doc Holiday


G7 is seriously slept on. I use it every match

Author — heart_of_a_daedra


G7 has always been good you just have to have the aim to use it. Just like the 3030 or wingman if you can hit your shots it's a good weapon

Author — Conceded war


G7 such a bad choice for care pack. Pre nerf bow woulda been perfect. And arrows would be removed from ground. It is a very unique weapon and should've been permanent care pack weapon like the Kraber is. Just my opinion but it all makes too much sense

Author — brawln


I never used scout cuz i always got other options that suited my style

Also recently discovered how good the 30 30 is with good items and its 2 bullet reload hop up

Author — Ruhngar


Oh yes, another of my favorites weapons to care package👍🏼

Author — R. Moisés


They also shoulda added the double-tap hop-up to the new heirloom G7-Scout. Woulda made it even more bomb

Author — Virul4ntKman


People are just now finding out how crazy G7 was with Double Tap

Author — Trails in Milstein


The fact that it's exactly the same, only difference bring that it has 2 tap really speaks for how big of a difference one hop up can make

Author — ERGI