The Incredible Dome Tents of Iran, چادرهای باورنکردنی گنبد ایران ، شاهسوان آلاچیق

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The Incredible Dome Tents of Iran, چادرهای باورنکردنی گنبد ایران ، شاهسوان آلاچیق 5

Not all tents are created equal, and the domed alachigh (yurts) of the Shahsavan nomads must be some of the most sophisticated on Earth. The whole structure is pre-tensioned before the felt cover is placed, which gives an incredible rigidity to the tent, able to withstand the gales that blow across their high mountain landscape. The Shahsavan are some of the world's most renowned weavers, and their beautiful straps and rugs adorn the tents and make them like palaces fit for an Iranian prince.

The Shahsavan formed in the eighteenth century from a confederation of tribes who occupied a region that spanned the Iran/Azarbaijan border. In 1884 the border was closed by the Russians and the tribe split in two, part in Iran and part in Azarbaijan. Since then the nomads have had to work hard to try to hold onto their lands and traditional way of life. This was filmed on the Iranian side of the border.

همه چادرها به طور یکسان ایجاد نشده اند و یورت های گنبدی عشایر شهسوان باید برخی از پیشرفته ترین روی زمین باشد. قبل از قرار دادن جلد نمد ، کل ساختار از قبل تنش یافته است ، که سفتی فوق العاده ای به چادر می دهد ، قادر به مقاومت در برابر گال هایی است که در چشم انداز کوه مرتفع آنها قرار دارد. شاهسوان برخی از مشهورترین بافندگان جهان هستند و تسمه ها و فرشهای زیبای آنها چادرها را زینت می دهد و آنها را مانند کاخ هایی مناسب برای یک شاهزاده ایرانی قرار می دهد.

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My hat is off to the people who cherish their traditions . Their contribution is not just to their own culture but to the entire human history .

Author — Jinus Rafezadeh


Awesome craftsmanship, a joy to watch.

Author — imperialfragments


A simple tent but based on many people's hard working, nothing is easy, I love the video.

Author — Man Mok


The ultimate off grid living. And more importantly involves cooperating, working together and sharing, not wasting anything. Our ancestors got this part right too.

Author — GaslitWorld f. Melissa B


Thanks a lot, as an Iranian I've never seen how they make and erect the tents.

Author — simsarabin


This gives me an appreciation for a people and a culture I know nothing about. At the very center and heart of things, all people cherish and value the same things; simple, happy and healthy lives for ourselves and our families and the chance to work hard and virtuously at something.

Author — Sky Gerspacher


✨ One of the best videos I have ever seen on YouTube. Thank you. Brilliant and fascinating!

Author — Sebagmassingberd


I really enjoy your videos. Thank you so much for your passion!

Author — Veronica balfour paul


Excellent! I have wondered what many ways felt is made. Would love to know what species of wood the staves of the tent are made from? Good job filming! I live in the land of Bandelier Films.

Author — Tim Kirkpatrick


Thank you for this awesome video, I can feel the freedom!!

Author — Mary


Ingenious! Suddenly I have a craving for Iranian sticky rice!!

Author — SpecialOpsSniperUSArmy #117,#119th Inf Div


Those Iran tent are mind blowingly beautiful
Jst love these carpets, yep nothing is easy mate
Everything sure depends on hard work

Author — Dil Gurung


wow that dome piece is so nice and the tension. felt making and frame making also very interesting

Author — Longyi Brothers


That was amazing, how all the materials are made 👏

Author — the little workshop. joinery


The lifestyle is too much peaceful and freedom too.

Author — Yvon Moua Moua


The person filming had good attention to relevant details. I learned a lot and was also entertained. Very nice. Thank you.

Author — Kirk Johnson


As a child I was traumatized every time my parents to tell me to stand in the corner

Author — Patrick Bush


What a great feeling, sit here in US and look at to my original place traditional Alachigh. Not only from same country but from exactly same place which is Shahsavans are living. Yashasin Azarbayjan. Thanks for this nice video.

Author — Navid Ghodousi


Awesome! How in the world do you pull the center stakes when you want to pack up and move? Sorry if it was already asked and answered.

Author — SteelheadJEDi


Awesome culture greetings from the super ancient megalithic city of TIAHUANAKU BOLIVIA 🇧🇴

Author — Luis Saavedra