Royal Tusk - Die Knowing (Lyric Video)

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Royal Tusk - TUSK II is out now

I took a minute
and then another
was unbelievable
And fell back in it
I’ll tell you brother
was unforeseeable
Come on little runaway
tell me where you’re headed
It's like no other
But I can’t quit it
no I can hardly tell
Come on little runaway
Tell me where you’re going
Im’a let her lead the way
So I can die knowing
I guess my love is dead
I guess my love is dead
and I get by knowing that I can die knowing
Yeah Ill admit it
I must have panicked
I can’t believe it though
Cause if I’ve had it with all the madness
Why do I need her so
She’s my little runaway
and I can feel it coming
I’ma let her lead the way
So I can die knowing

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This song is an U N D E R R A T E D B A N G E R

but that meme tho

Author — Lil Sauce


This is what happens when you grow up listening to 2000s hard rock. I love it. Keep it up yall!

Author — Randy Shives


a sweet song it sure sounds solid good .

Author — jimischild13


Saw you guys with monster truck in the UK, awesome band and this song is siiiccckkk!!!

Author — Paul Blackman