Media continues to slam chloroquine while doctors say it's effective

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Media continues to slam chloroquine while doctors say it's effective 4.5

FDA has approved malaria drug chloroquine as an emergency COVID-19 treatment; insight from Fox News contributor medical Dr. Marc Siegel. #FoxNews #Tucker

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The media is not you’re friend. They have proven this for several years

Author — Hobert Ball


My father (82 years old) was hospitalized 2 weeks ago in Portugal, given hydroxychloroquin and is well now...I do believe this works

Author — Nelly 005


"Extremely promising" doesn't sound like snake oil to me.

Author — Diche Bach


I had a friend's mom, who was treated by this and it worked.

Author — Aeroc Ward


A Doctor in California is having good results with Hydroxy Chloroquine and zinc, just 2 days ago.

Author — Miles Littlejohn


I have a great idea. If Democrats don't believe in hydrochloroquine how about they not take it?

Author — lapamful


Chloroquine is well tolerated 0 deaths but it has to be administered with Zinc according to the doctors Ive read about, the chloroquine opens the cell door for the Zinc to get in the Zinc then stops COVID from rep-locating thus lowering the strain on the immune system and the fluid from filling up in the lungs from the over active immune system



They want us to die until the election so they can have mail-in fraud to get president Trump out in November.

Author — Rodney Castillo


China owns the Media, starting to show who's there master

Author — Jam 55


It is not an overstatement to say the media is evil at this point. They are beyond sick and twisted. Blinded by pure hatred for this President. This is how low they will go.

Author — scotiansen


My dad asked for it, they gave it to him, he's no longer on a ventilator!!! He lived. Trump 2020!!! I'm not a liberal anymore!! Ever!

Author — Arch Stanton


Why American media against Trump.. Even when he say true..

Author — Indian


The Main Stream Press is the enemy of the American

Author — Hunt Barclay


Over here in Holland a doctor healed 8 patients with this. After he released the results to the press he was silenced by the government!

Author — Kees Van Haren


"ok fine then, no hydroxychloroquine for the media or the left, now everybody is happy"

Author — Thread5afe


Im a democrat, and I gotta say the dems are lying about the effectiveness of this. It helped my grandparents

Author — mike s


So a cure is possible and it’s the media, not Doctors downplaying it?

The elites are scared!

Author — Anthony Lopez


Can't keep the economy shutdow and everyone in fear if there is a cheap, effective treatment.

Author — Douglas Clark


I can't remember time when such a mass amount hated 1 person. It's disrespectful & the rest the world sees it & is laughing

Author — Randy Moss


A friend said, "The only way Covid 19 will die is if it has dirt on the Clintons"

Author — Paul Carrizales