Gran Turismo Sport | Inside GT Sport, Vol. 1: The Cars | PS4

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Gran Turismo Sport | Inside GT Sport, Vol. 1: The Cars | PS4 5
Explore the car classes coming to Gran Turismo Sport on 18th October.

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haters going to hate but I still love Gran Turismo. This is not GT7 but a side grade and it is very welcomed. I got tired of all the 1000 cars available in GT6 and prefer a higher quality amount of cars.

Author — Rudy


Nice a racing game that isn't built around Micro Transactions!!

Author — Brother Dave


Not a fan of the concept cars appearing in the real world classes.

Author — koe zillah


GT narrator: "only 150 cars"

me: *jumps from the tallest building in his city*

Author — marcus callahan


Step aside Forza 7 noobs and let Gran Turismo the king take a seat on his throne.

Author — nexornator


Real cars: 100
Visión Gran Turismo cars: 1000
WTF (?)

Author — Leonardo David


Group N Class:"Driver friendly N100 cars all the way up to monster tuned N1000 cars" I wonder what this means..I hope you can still upgrade that stock 100hp Miata for example.

Author — HIboostRaceClubRAWHD


Great video and a great editor! Very informative, thank you :)

Author — G-M


Wow hope the final game keeping this quality

Author — Jet


Great video, very informative of the car classes.

Author — RacerBest


Played the demo and the game is great cant wait for the full release.This game is like Leonardo Da Vinci paintings art.

Author — Nikola Angelovski


GT Sport rocks. Despite the whinging, more than enough cars for me. Campaign stuff is very rewarding. VR looks amazing, can't wait to try it.

Author — Zac Togan


Can’t tell if that’s real life, or GT Sport...

Author — The other "No" dude


what's up with Gran Turismo Trailers??? all of them make me want to race....

Author — SHADOWCLA01


Remember the Red Bull X car in gt6 being all the rage....then the Tomahawk X came out doing plus 430mph lol memories

Author — Rush27


Finally, someone who knows how to properly explain details! Love this video.
Any chance of showing/explaining how the Livery Editor works? TY.

Author — Game Buddy


This year has definitely been an amazing year for racing game enthusiasts, we got games like project cars 2, forza 7 and now this. Can’t wait to add this to my collection.

Author — obscured mirage


Best looking racing game 😍 I love this, I'm enjoying this so much

Author — OBlackThunderO


that background music is AMAZING!

Author — Djentleman Goldbar


Can they pls make land Rover a car in game? Thats the only car they need to have to have all cars in this game. Also they had it before

Author — Derpy Chicken