Democratic candidates debate: Dealing with China and tariffs | ABC News

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Democratic candidates debate: Dealing with China and tariffs | ABC News 3

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Yang provides the only answer with a clear course that does not entail bashing the current Pres or any other person. He focuses on solutions to succeed, the rest focus on stoking our fears and anger to gain support.

Author — Kevin J


Yang made the quality of the debate very high at the highest

Author — Happy Reader


Yang actually gives straight up answers you can understand.

Author — Jerry Rice


Only Yang said exactly what he planned to do. Everybody else was fluff. They just said how they would not do what Trump has done (then lists everything trump has done). Useless

Author — GoryPug


ABC screwed Andrew Yang big time...worst than NBC. Of course, he was the outsider...yet doing better than many people on the stage, yet less time. ABC Fake News.

Author — Dec Mar


Yang Is the Best and of course he gets the littlest coverage!!! Real Shame!!

Author — mike Jordan


Abc gets first to yang on China issue not on other ones

Author — Shashwat mishra


Listened to yang then just stopped and went back to cat video.

Author — setiop


Only person worth voting for on that stage is Andrew Yang

Author — Sam Torres


wtf is that red lady always trying to interrupt yang...

Author — Z0V


Harris is too focused on Trump. Is that because she has nothing of substance to say about the issues?

Author — Confederate Rooster


Trickle up economy... Yang the only one has a basic sense.

Author — Fay Theresia


harris: im not going to talk about my policy but boy trump is so bad! hahaha!
stop talking about trump and start talking about how you will accomplish your policies

Author — Patti Thompsett


in other words... none of them have a clue what they would do about trade with China

Author — Explorer Mike


I'm not really sure this should be called a debate. It's more like Q&A.

Author — The Hiking gamer


Kamale "Top Tier" Harris knows how to avoid answering questions

Author — SN S


Harris, what did you smoke before you went on stage. All you got is attacks on others? Really

Author — margaret wagener


Bankrupt? These people spent 10 trillion in 8 years!!!

Author — Liwanag Bautista


Empty politician talk. They have no clear idea how to beat China.

Author — vincent fong


I like yang but the rest of this is 🗑🗑🗑

Author — Cash kiing