The Rock Obama: GOP Senators - SNL

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The Rock Obama: GOP Senators - SNL 5

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel (Andy Samberg) urges President Obama (Fred Armisen) to get angry while meeting with GOP leaders, unleashing the fury and power of "The Rock Obama" (Dwayne Johnson). [Season 34, 2009]


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The Rock Obama: *throws man out window*, *throws woman out window*
gender equality

Author — TazzyDevil


Remember when Barack Obama tweeted about how SNL was an unfunny show because he was pissed off they made fun of him? Oh wait that never happened.

Author — leech2008


strangely enough, he actually sounds like barak obama

Author — Pete M


As far as political humor goes, it’s alright, but “The Rock Obama” is such a top tier pun that it doesn’t matter.

Author — Landon Hagan


The Rock looks good with Barack's hair.

Author — Gina Greenlee


No need for his anger translater, Luther, now.

Author — Gorilla Man


So annoying when Obama didn't do his job, but kept tweeting about shows like SNL not being funny.

Oh wait...

Author — Uridien 1


My therapist: Rock Obama can’t hurt you he doesn’t exist.
Rock Obama: out the window

Author — General Kenobi


Andy Samberg was like: yes Mr. President embrace the power of the dark side😂

Author — icy BLUE mangoes


i miss the days when we made fun of how calm and collected our president was

Author — Elle Travels Vegan


I missed the days when we could slam the phone on someone after an arguement.

Author — Andrew Yang's Hologram


Fred Armisen: Barack Obama's appearance
Dwayne Johnson: Barack Obama's voice

Author — Nicolas Goldring


Barrack Obama : "who are you sir?"

Dwayne johnson : "i'm you but an actor version, and have a big muscle"

Author — Razavy A channel


And when you make Donald Trump angry he turns in To Donald Duck

Author — Jon


Who else misses how boring it was back then?

Author — Mr. Patch Plays


teacher: why are you laughing?
me: nothing
my brain: dwayne the rock obama

Author — my booty is a force-a-nature


Let's be honest; if the Rock ran, we'd vote for him.

Author — Johnny 6-feet


Why does the guy telling him to get mad have an emperor palpatine vibe. “ good, good get angry”

Author — Supreme Chancellor Palpatine


It's been 3 years since Obama left the office, and Youtube decided now was a good time to out this in my recommendations.

Author — Mike Raymond


It’s crazy how The Rock and Barack Obama sound so much alike!

Author — Mohammad Hussain