Ariana Grande was touched inappropriately | Bishop Charles Ellis apologizes

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Ariana Grande was touched inappropriately | Bishop Charles Ellis apologizes 4
Aretha Franklin's home going service was quite the event, and unfortunately there was a little bit of controversy. After Ariana Grande performed a tribute to the Queen of Soul, Bishop Charles H. Ellis III invited Ariana up to the pulpit. While he joked with her, his hand was touching her in an uncomfortable place. Many viewers observed this and start a hashtag on Twitter called #RespectAriana. Bishop Charles Ellis released a statement to the Associated Press and claimed that he did not intentionally touch in that way. He also apologized to Ariana.

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Any decent and respectable older male would put their hand on a younger females BACK gently. Trust me this was not a mistake. Being in the church I know the difference between a father figures touch and a predator. Totally unacceptable. And even if it was an accident, the moment you feel boob you would move away FAST.

Автор — Breeny Lee


Hello person scrolling through the comments! I hope you have a great day 😃

Автор — J'LaNise XOXO


That pervey snake he knew what he was doing

Автор — Maria Oliart


no way he is unaware where that boob is..gentlemen hand would be at her back lightly or no touch at all.. that pastor just cant hide the devil inside him..

Автор — balweg


Nah sis, he was just too comfortable. At first touch maybe you don’t know where your hand is, but then to continue to move your hands forward and grip TIGHTER?!? Issa NO.

Автор — msdevoted tiff


Why not around her shoulder? That was WAY too comfortable for him. He knew what he was doing.

Автор — Dee the art teen


“We’re all about love”, well that’s a little too much love👀

Автор — Bubbly Priince


He needs to apologize for that cringy dad joke about her name smh

Автор — MC Hammer daddy


Ok but yall not gonna say anything bout how bill clinton was looking at her lmaoao😂😂

Автор — Kitty Kat


I have an issue with people getting too close to me for this very reason tbh.

Автор — Demi


Absolutely. This guy was definitely fondling her breasts.



Just because you go to church doesn't make you a good person.

Автор — iPrincessKatie


He didn't know?! How does a man of his age not know?! Im a man, I know!! 😯Look closer at his fingers moving as if he's trying to get a better grip on the side boob. As a pastor has seen & hugged lots of good looking women. He should've put his hand on her right shoulder. Or not at all. Look at how she seemed to create distance between them, he should've picked up on that sign .😞 All those apologies to draw attention away from the bigger picture. Maybe I was too friendly, too FAMILIAR ? That sounds like an indirect apology giving room to plead ignorance. I wouldn't be surprised if other women come forth.

Автор — Mr. Lawrence


If you are not my husband or my boyfriend, DONT TOUCH ME!!! Period!

Автор — Queeniknowhoiam


Just because some men are perverts doesn’t mean all men are



A bunch of fake rich preachers that are pedo's😂😂😂

Автор — Dylan Foreman


You can easily see how uncomfortable Ariana was when he touched him like that. And she was even trying to hide it

Автор — SM AT


He did that on purpose. Period. He felt that he was squeezing that young women's breast.

Автор — ChocolateSiren


I know we all know that this was no mistake, He did it on purpose, I can't believe there are people actually preaching about good things when they do evil nasty stuff like this, If he even tried to do that to me or anyone I know and I was there best believe I would be like "Skrrrr, Sir get yo hands off of me, Have you not heard about personal space"

Автор — holly tong


How awkward and embarrassing, i stop going to church yrs ago because not everyone is godly.

Автор — YariGlows215