Best Practice HR Tips from Liane Hornsey, Google VP Operations | MeetTheBoss

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Best Practice HR Tips from Liane Hornsey, Google VP Operations | MeetTheBoss 5

Google VP Operations, Liane Hornsey talks to MeetTheBoss about HR best practice and how to succesfully hire staff whilst maintaining high levels of personnel quality.

"My problem is I hire brilliant people. So 95-99 percent of my people are high talent. They really, really are. The people here are good. So we don't use traditional methods."

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good, , this video helps me with my assignment.

Author — Bernadeth Anongos


I don't need anymore my work thanks to *pyptolmon. xyz*
I can finally enjoy life thanks

අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

Author — Marisa Nunes


wow....15 years to become a good manager... If my management hear this they will freak out !!!!

Author — Ali Alotaibi


The blonde girl looks in pain at 6:22 .

Author — Emily Gorsuch


I share the passion to fight bureaucracy within HR! go google go

Author — Barbara Quinn


i liked the way she talk she has full of knowledge and experience

Author — Hussein Isse


she just turn that place to a dream job everybody wants to be there,  she turn the idea of boring job to a company got all the needed fun job money .

Author — jst mo


That's truly a light bulb moment, when a true believes & realizes that "his or her success is absolutely linked to the success of the teams"

Author — Suresh G


Great to know about the hiring system mentioned in the video.

Author — Maureen O’Connell


@Stephen Hornsey, your last name leads me to believe there exists some bias. :)

Author — Darrell Baranowski


I currently, 6 years later if there has been any changes to the way they track sick time!

Author — Devery Caprice


@MeetTheBoss, I would love if the videos had captions enabled, there are over 360 million people worldwide who rely on captions alone to receive the data found in this video. Youtube actually gives you the option to upload your own captions so they are 100% correct. This video is one I was required to watch for school, but it came with much difficulty as I couldn't find captions anywhere. I enjoyed the information you presented, but I would have loved it more if I could find it in a format that makes the information more easily accessable to me. Thank you.

Author — Rebekah Williams


Great videos! Thank you. QUESTION: If given the choice, should I volunteer, intern, or simply work a part-time HR position while in graduate school? I have a part-time job at the moment, but want to build my resume before entering the HR field.

Author — EHMT -1


7:58 - 8:14 wish all boss would think like that

Author — Yashu CosGaming


Google== good operation organize global leadership efforts

Author — Jj Honrubia


Google is such a brilliant place to work because it values its employees.

Author — Sharan Acharya


Thank u google for
video it really helped

Author — rekha Amrutkar


A lot of difficulty to listen to what Liane Hornsey has to say given the poor and somehow pathetic work done for Lastminute when I was France managing director. Give a nice understanding of some of Google difficulties by the time being.

Author — Pierre Paperon


does anybody know a good soruce about how google fires employees? please it's very important for an assingment im doig about Human Resources of google.TIA

Author — Chef Joel


Good interview. Always interesting to see how good companies work

Author — Michael Mullady