KING LIL G Hopeless Boy ft. David Ortiz (Prod. NuttKase)

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KING LIL G Hopeless Boy ft. David Ortiz (Prod. NuttKase) 5
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"she's on the phone with my fams saying im disappointing." "saying im disappointing." "oh man im a disappointment." who else can relate??

Author — Francisco Hernandez


2020 still going to listen to it who with me

Author — ronnie ruehle


“Had to go to school lying to my friends pretending to be happy about some shit I didn’t get” that hits deep 😔

Author — Luis Morales


every boy from the hood wanna get thier mom a house and see them smile for good

Author — Amazing man


Im going to hear this song:



Author — Manuel Jimenez


“I dedicate this to the kids that grew up with no father “💔thank you

Author — Iris


“Would i ever see my mother smile”

I felt that i felt that

Author — KIMA


Im proud he’s Mexican 🇲🇽 let these people know the struggle 💯

Author — Compa Alan


Did anybody have this song just pop in their head out of nowhere?

Author — StrategicTech Guide


“As I sit alone in pain, I wonder am I ever gonna see her smile” 🤧

Author — lexi perry


Wish there were more raps like dis instead of Mumble 😂

Author — Luis Garcia


Made my own lyrics to this beat an hour ago, tell me what you think king.

Yo, back in 96’ the fuego had been reborn, with a deep breathe of life and then a big mourn

Life was one great big lie with a big storm, and a ruler who ruled with some big horns

Beggin’ and wishin’ my time would only come but, not right now son come the battle has just begun

Y’all don’t get it it ain’t a battle of flesh and blood, it’s an unknown battle for a kingdom that’s yet to come

So listen up right now, and pay close attention, the devils closer than you think, with the detonation

You ain’t gotta quit and you ain’t gotta leave, twisted up right now with no way to cleave

You think you got it bad homie, homie you a sheep, prayers to the Lord hoping that my soul he keeps x2

I know you watching me Lord and every step I take, although the path might be narrow keep me remaining straight

But he’s just gon’ be sittin’ there and he’s just gon’ be watching, got my left right hooks I’m ready for the boxing

But listen to me closely, to this lyrical speech I preach, don’t take to long homie cause you’ll be buried the coming week

But please don’t confuse this with some type of gangster rap, just some lyrics to fill this lonely empty gap

Baby on the way God I’m hoping that he knows it, his father is a real man who will never permit, any gang banging or any drug dealing, I’ll be damned if my son ever gets caught stealin’

Cause he ain’t gon’ be no thief and he ain’t gon’ be no buster, he ain’t gon’ be in the corner pretending to be a hustler

He’s gon’ be a motivator and not some dictator, he’s gonna leave his mark behind the size of an equator

I believe in you son, do what you gotta do

As for me son I’m just gon’ be here watching, soulless souls walking as they keep on mocking, let it be Son they just gon’ keep on talking, they don’t know it yet there time ain’t gon’ keep on clocking

So this is a message for my unborn son, don’t ever forget the good your fam from, cause he’ll be waiting and creeping when the time comes, but God is all you needeth when it’s all done -fuegoo

Author — Guillidin


My dad is in prison when i was before i was born and no im 11 and he wont get out tell im 18 and i dont no if i want to meet him when i get out and its too private to say what he did

Author — joey meyer


This song is what actually happens when your a gangster

Author — PrEdKinG 805


“I see my mother crying 1999 my father left us behind” It frs be like that! 😔🥺😫😖

Author — Lindsey Lowks


Who here listening to diz banga in 2020 y’all?

Author — Jozeph Voorheez


The struggles real, You just gotta embrace, We’re we come from ain’t up to us. God put u were you is bc your a real suljah.

Author — Tough Opp


I listened to this song like 4 years ago and it's still growing that's crazy

Author — Michey ofFive


It's funny how I can change just by listening to this it's like he talking about me but I'm still half way the song working on the rest

Author — Goldy Parra


At the end of the day, your mama never stops loving you

Author — Daniel Nunez