Seven Challenges Facing Today’s Health Care Leaders

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hello from medical student in indonesia

Author — Hanif Ibrahim


must listen lecture about "Health Challenges in Modern life" | Prof Dr anwar Ul hassan

Author — Wajahat Shah


Health Care cost is a big problem for many. I would like to know how the monetary aspect is controlled by Insurance companies lobbying Congress members to put laws in place that are designed to enrich a few keeping the cost everyone so expensive they have to carry insurance. What other business require you to buy another companies service (insurance) so you can afford it?

Example of guests should have knowledge to answer or talk intelligently about:

1. Laws preventing a physician from practicing unless they buy malpractice insurance.

2. Laws preventing an individual if they were the type of person that wanted to better society by becoming a physician, setup a small practice helping friends and family that would sign a "Good Summaritan" type form preventing them from ingaging in a lawsuite.

3. Big Pharma lobbying Congress to force a physician to use only certain tools and containers sold by certain companies that can charge whatever they want and the physician has to buy it passing the cost down to the often time too sick and poor to afford it. Maybe there is an important reason, I'd like a guest to break it all down.

4. Incentives to be a physician and life style. Maybe we should go back to the days of traveling physicians. House calls might not be that bad of an idea. The sick are not out making others sick, no charge for a room and multiple nurses. Just a physician with his smart phone equipped with everything he might need for the type of call. How many sick are seen in a day? Is this idea feasible in larger cities?

5. Is it too much to ask that physicians be the type if person they claim to be? Question why they become physicians. Do you think more would say to help the sick or for money?

6. Board recertification is now a new cost 

7. Physicians who declare they would not go into medicine again if they could start over. The reasons given include electronic medical records, bureaucracy, insurance company denials, information overload, long hours, declining reimbursement, and family sacrifices, to name a few.

8. We also hear about impending doctor shortages. The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that in the next decade there will be a shortage of 90, 000 physicians. Undersupply issues face primary care and specialties alike.

Author — Jeff Johnson


I wish you would have discussed some of your ideas about how to improve it.

Author — IAMGiftbearer