UNCHARTED The Lost Legacy - Nadine Talks About The Drake Brothers

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UNCHARTED The Lost Legacy - Nadine Talks About The Drake Brothers 5
UNCHARTED THE LOST LEGACY Nadine talks about Nathan and Sam Drake. Nadine explains to Chloe on why she's helping her. Revealing her past with the Drake brothers in Uncharted 4. Nathan Drake and Samuel Drake.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Nathan Drake and Samuel Drake

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You know who really needs to come back to Uncharted?

Tenzin. Man I miss that guy.

Author — Goddamn 47


Is it just me or did Nathan's personality really rub off on Chloe?

Author — LarryKenobi369


They need a prequel about young sully, sully is da best



Only true uncharted fans know this.

"In like Flynn."

Author — TJ_Trez


Nadine complaining about Sam and Nate getting off scott free, that's rich.

Author — Accel


Why do I get the impression Chloe will always care stongly for/love Nathan Drake in some facet even though he gave up the Treasure hunting life and married Elena. If you listened to the dialogue her character has when Nadine asked about her and Nate's relationship, she responded quickly and jokingly to Nadine but her tone has a somber sound. Add to that her comment before the train sequence of "I'm tired of Walking Away" sort reminded me of the end of Uncharted 2 where she said "Let me be the one to walk away" to Nate after she told him he should tell Elena he loved her- it kind made me wonder if she regretted doing that and not trying to win Nate back or at least regretted being so non chalant about ending their romantic relationship.

Author — Josiah Walker


Chloe's hair is so gorgeously messed up~ Peeps at Naughty Dog sure pays attention to everything

Author — Cassie Barns


Chloe is sexy, smooth, badass, kind, sweet, strong and fearless. She is the Woman. I like Lara Croft but Chloe is so much more interesting caracter.

Author — manuanto nomore


The face animation and voice acting is everything

Author — Christopher Kinslow


I feel like in a couple of years they'll be making games about Sam

Author — Skye L


3:33 Nice view. I was talking about the mountains, really.

Author — Harshvardhan Bamalwa


5:06 Is it just me, or does Nadine look at Chloe's chest??

Author — Manoroid N


Did anyone notice that Nadine is wearing the exact same clothes that Nathan had in uncharted4

Author — Sean Field


Chloe is like the jack sparrow of uncharted

Author — The Proto


I like how there's not only one pain in the ass but 2. Lmao

Author — KingdorismHD


I wouldn't mind playing as Sam in the next uncharted...

Author — Sean Blochowiak


Nadine actually says "Look at dit!".
I love how her Afrikaans comes through.

Author — TheBadassTonberry


“I had my fair share of screw ups”

*has flashbacks about shooting Nathan*

Author — Professor Johnny Sins


3:30 “falls from half a meter” Nadine: See I told you it was dangerous

Author — The Rayaron


That's it?!?!?!
Edit: I made this comment when I was about halfway through Chapter 4. I finally completed the game 100% so I am aware that Sam is in the game.

Author — Bobby Shewan