How To True A Motorcycle Wheel | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

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Wheelsmith's Tip 101 (especially if you are having issues once up to tension):
Once the wheel is brought up to tension it will start getting more difficult to fix mistakes made many turns back. At this point it can help to start LOOSENING spokes to true the wheel, vs tightening. Use the fork wrench to check the tone (sound) of spokes where your are needing adjustment on both sides, find the highest pitch spoke (most tight) and you may find that all that was needed is 1/4 to 1/2 turn of loosening adjustment to bring run-out into compliance due to the over tight spoke. For-instance, an adjustment needed to the left side (touching on the right guide), can be as simple as an over tight spoke on the right side. Complex explanation to a simple problem, but it really helped me. After the over tight kinks are worked out, bringing all spokes up to torque spec within run-out specification will be much easier.

Author — DrMrSavagehenry


It's not every fourth spoke, but every third. You're counting the one you tightened but you shouldn't. ;) great video!

Author — Cody McCall


I've reviewed and tried several other methods from YouTube. This one is the very best and my wheels turned out great. I'm a subscriber now.

Author — Jim Rowe


thank you guys, this video really helps. Can you please tell me what is an average  tightening torque is for 18", 19" 21" Stainless spoke set, with Aluminum nipples would be? (roughly)Also, ""Excel"" Spoke/nipples sets have different design head(their set comes with their own special tool), that a regular style spoke ranch that you are using in this video, will not work on their nipples. in that case, how would you torque them?(any suggestions?) Again, thank you for all you guys help making this awesome and helpful video. It was a breeze putting the wheels together and getting it trued.

Author — Poop On-iJUNKs


Great video!!!! Thanks, just laced and trued my first wheel!!

Author — Kyle Schwanz


Great channel! Keep up the awesome work and cant wait to see more!

Author — JustinIsJustout


Excellent video! Thanks!😃
What are some typical torque values for ADV motorcycle wheels?

Author — Ernie Engineer


Awesome video, keep up the great work guys. I'm recommending your channel to all my riding mates. Keep on, keepin on.

Author — Slobodan Vukcevic


I've got a front tusk wheel for a 2014 KTM 500 XC-W I'm replacing the rim. What would be a good torque spec for the spokes on these Tusk rims?

Author — The Moto fixery


This is all new to me, every street bike I own has mag wheels. I'm researching this because I laid down my wife's Chinese dirt bike and broke 9 spokes. She won't let me live it down till I fix/replace the rear wheel.

Author — TWLML420


How do you true up a wheel that needs to have an offset (dishing)? For example, the XR250 front wheel.

Author — JIm Edwards


Is it possible to do this on a wide size wheel? like for example a 140, a 180...? where to buy (if yes) the wider rim? do you sell them?

Author — eduki


Hi thanks for info, if your checking a used wheel would it be a good idea to loosen the spokes first and grease the threads

Author — Tony Chambers


I think i may have noticed why my wheel is so difficult to true. even though its brand new, it looks like one side has a bit of a bend. even though its never been riden on. im not sure if it was damaged in shipping or what. but its been too long to return it. just been sitting in my closet for the last 7 months. i guess theres no choice but to run it.

Author — Cars-n-Stuff


Could this be the reason why a part of my new tire isn't sealing and going into the rim ? I had a company put a few spokes (around 5) and now I got a weird side ways ride to it and there's like a half foot of tire that's going into the rim ?

Author — joe collins


Thanks for the vid guys, I just took the vibe out of my sporty bars 😁

Author — tim blackburne


Hi, I’m intending to get a Tusk torque spoke wrench to have a go at D.I.Y. Could you advice what’s the force advisable for ex; supermoto, dirt bike and street bike. I was told that 45-48 pound of force is sufficient.

Author — JASON LIM


The video makes no mention of dish or offset. With the setup shown how do you accomplish or measure keeping the rim in the center. Is it supposed to be centered?

Author — Eddie Hess


once you think you have it completed take a flat punch and a hammer and smack the end of the spoke at the seating end in the hub. Many times they are not completely seated (we're talking a couple of thousands of an inch here). This normally will loosen quite a few of the spokes.

Author — jchavins


Do you true with the wheel bearings in? Does it matter? Thanks!

Author — Kurt S