The Female Fighters of Ukraine's Forgotten War

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The Female Fighters of Ukraine's Forgotten War 4.5

Ukraine: The Female Fighters of Donbass. Women represent nearly a quarter of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the struggle against pro-Russian separatist insurgency. Not always accepted by men, these women struggle to be remembered and to protect their close relatives.

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Western feminist women could learn something from these ladies. Impressive.

Author — Dee-Bee Kooper


"if u don't want to bury your own you have to bury others" what choice to be left with. jc

Author — monster jesse


Go girls nice to see women standing up for their rights well done about time not only men world they forget its more women world also God bless all

Author — Wendy Misitom


Ukraine is a poor country - women are forced to join the army to earn at least something because hunger and poverty

Author — Александр Субботин


The weaponry sure has come along way, since the start of the war.

Author — Purple Haze


i am living in ukraine seen 5 year i know ukraine girls are so strong and brave proud
salute to soldiers

Author — Hindustani Baba ji


Wtf, showing everyones faces with names in video, car license plates and basically giving all info about snipers for enemys. It just seems like they want them to be dead.

Author — ddfgleet


It's better to hide her face. This war will end someday. She taking huge risk of revenge as a person who use to kill somebody.

Author — Болат Башеев


And American mothers are complaining about not receiving there welfare check on time

Author — Воры в законе


They are very hard women. I hope they live now.

Author — Gyula Bujtor


8:30 The comment about women and war is interesting, considering the reported number of Russian female snipers utilized on the Eastern front during WW2. Just history repeating itself.

Author — WarriorPoet01


5:48 "THEY came to my country" - how exactly separatist populace CAME to your country? Did they dare to build Donetzk and Lugansk on your children's land? Do you identify yourself as an ancient Pecheneg or Scythian may be? Quite weird twist of mind!

Author — morzh1978


Girl with .338 Lapua mag, future wife material!

Author — J. Mucka Fignotti


There will AllWAYS be those who Love Freedom and refuse to be Slaves for the communist party
God bless the 2A and America
God bless All freedom fighters
Love You’ll

Author — Phil Hall


God Bless these women keep them safe so they can return to there love ones, be safe see U another time🤗♥️

Author — Dennis Decosta


Brave ladies! Heartbreaking but so much respect for them 💪

Author — Carl The Blue


These women are the REAL feminists! Not the ones we have over here who scream how strong and independent they pretend they are. These Ukrainian women in the video are not just talkers, they actually do something and stand for something, without complaining. They are heroes.

Author — BesteKanaal1


How do we support or serve with your snipers! I can outfit four snipers, now!

Author — Jake Rose





It's amazing how that part of the world is always at war Putin wants to stay in power but he is getting OLD and the harder he tries to recover what Russia used to be the less progress for his people Now he is at war with the Saudis and the price of oil but the Saudis turn the table on him He should resign and let Russia enjoy Prosperity and Peace but he is and old KGB that thinks like Stalin Eventually he alone will destroy Russia

Author — jh CR