How Donald Trump was mocked at the Emmys

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How Donald Trump was mocked at the Emmys 4

The Emmys did not miss a single opportunity to poke fun at the US president. Host Stephen Colbert set the tone with an opening monologue that repeatedly mocked Trump’s long-running annoyance over not winning an Emmy during his time hosting The Apprentice. Sean Spicer made a surprise appearance to assert the audience watching the event was the biggest ever, sending up his own disastrous first press conference on Trump’s inauguration. A few winners mentioned Trump in their victory speeches as well

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You knew it was going to be a night of Trump bashing when they made Stephen Colbert the host.

Author — Donald Sexton


last known footage of kevin spacey smiling

Author — adarov


"The great algorithm that put us here"

*YouTube you got that right*

Author — LordDeth


I love Stephen Colbert, however ...Put the orange wig on. IS birth control..Trust me, was the best joke of the night.

Author — Frank Gary


And they all congratulate themselves and give each other awards

Author — Bob York


I love the camera cutting to Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy like "Yeah, you know the jokes that are gonna be happening"

Author — TheNexan


That Seth with marbles from his mouth 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Lita L


The Spicer appearance was cathartic. Wow!

Author — docwonder hoffmann


I hated Sean Spicer when he was press secretary.

I love how he just takes the piss now

Author — Noah Bowie


"The orange wig is birth control, " classic.

Author — Roberto Gonzales


"this wil be the largest crowd to witness an emmys" lol

Author — Robert Arellano


I am sure the vast number of these celebrities car pooled or used mass transit to this event to lead by example in reducing carbon footprints.

Author — Douglas Perry


These shots of Kevin Spacey are cringy now.

Author — Michael Smith


Time to hold this event at Epstein's special island

Author — Jesse H


Spicy is such a good sport for playing along for a few laughs.

Author — GuyTVUSA


Back in the day when Kevin Spacey could still grope young men at will and smile ear to ear at the awards shows.

Author — Deal It


This was a holy sh.t moment I remember.

Author — teresa smith


The orange wig is like birth control priceless for everything else there's

Author — Robert Chestnut


He needs a real job his nothing's else to do

Author — Michelle Doyle


Yay the emmys is on dang it is political again

Author — Beckytube MB