Lewandowski becomes first witness to testify in impeachment probe

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Invalid campaign token '7mSKfTYh8S4wP2GW'
Lewandowski becomes first witness to testify in impeachment probe 4.5
Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski delivers opening statement before House Judiciary Committee. #FoxNews

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This is making the Dems look stupid. They will come out of this looking petty and Lewandowski is eating their lunch procedurally and taking full advantage of this to expose the Dems.

Author — T Myers


When the fisa comes out I hope your name is on it nadler, and they send you away forever.

Author — Robert V


I see why Trump chose this man from the start. He's sincerely passionate and a true hearted American Patriot.

Author — Michael Cooley


Impeach Congress for wasting our time and money. IMPEACH!!!

Author — Steven Scott


So when did this country get dragged back into the twilight zone of 1600's Salem Mass.?

Author — Ross Meldrum


I Like this young man. He is from my State. Keep him President Trump.

Author — Edith Glover


And he’s right, it was a complete waste of time..

Author — tim guidry


We need to hold those demcraps accountable for this historical witch hunt and for being so bad at their jobs.

Author — momma D chickadee


James Comey should be sitting in that seat

Author — Max Factor


this is gross! what a waste of tax payer dollars! Americans should sue congress!



Nadler sure likes to see his name on TV or newspaper. Wonder how he will like it when he blamed for spending all this millions for wasting the House of Representatives time, instead of using that time constructively legislating real issues, and solving real problems.

Author — Jill Shinn


I thought this was America? Apparently, we no longer need a crime to go after an individual. Dems are disgusting, dishonest, immoral, trash....If you cannot follow the law of the land, leave. We the People elected our President. Attacking the President is the same as attacking the half of this country that elected him.... careful what you ask for....some of us are ready to defend this Republic and our duly elected President.

Author — Dan Ball


It's almost as if the Democrat party is actually trying to get a second term for president Trump.

Author — Lost Aquarian


If not for Google Trump would have won popular vote too

Author — David Jones


I can't believe my tax dollars go to the dem circus fake hearing! I'm fed up with it. They want to take every dime of your American dream so they can do this bullcrap!

Author — Gator Jams


NO COLLUSION! I want my money back! CItizen class-action lawsuit.

Author — rappsman


I'm so tired of these communists trying to ruin the good name of great Patriots. Investigate the investigators!

Author — Michael Delgadillo


Nadler and his ilk have turned America into the laughingstock of the world.

Author — Alan Burnett


Corey volunteered to testify and Dems send him a supeona after the fact. That says all we need to know about the Democrats

Author — J M


These people hate the President.
That's how you know he's doing something RIGHT....

Author — Capt B