How to beautifully cut your own hair (M by Mickie)

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How to beautifully cut your own hair (M by Mickie) 3.5
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So you think you can't cut your own hair- wrong! You can! Follow the simple steps in this video and discover the beautiful results! When I discovered how to cut my hair like this, and the results were so amazingly good- I was hooked! And you will be too. So have fun and remember, when someone compliments your hair, you can brag and say you cut it yourself!

*WARNING: This haircut works best with LONG hair like I have in the video. If you have medium or short hair, this haircut will not work the same for you.

Hairbrush: by BedHead. I bought this one at Ross, but I've seen them online for $12.

*FYI- I did learn how to do this cut from a professional hairdresser from Australia.
*Cut your hair at your own risk :)


"My Hair Care Routine"

"How to cut men's hair" (at the end of this video, I show you all the tools I used including my scissors)

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I don't get why there are comments about her weight on here, this is a hair cutting video not a judge people video

Author — Vanessa Alvarado


Don't talk about people's body it dosent matter

Author — tinatali telatiu


I have not had a hair cut in over two years because could not afford it I even do my own dying of my hair. I watched you video and I am so grateful for that video. You mad it so easy to do. I am disabled now so it was very uplifting for me to be able to cut my hair. Thank you so very much.

Author — Mary Dozier : Mary's Pretty Things


When she smiles it lights up the real. Omg!

Author — Diana f


Hey ! So, A few years ago, I was on my moms account and I had commented something like " you are so beautiful but you would look like an angel if you lost a little bit of weight " so today, I want to apologize about what I wrote that day. You are stunning and beautiful, and I was just a stupid kid who didn't understand that words can hurt. I hope you read this and forgive me😊😊 xxx

Author — salloummah


It would literally take me HOURS if i tried to get my hair that smooth in a ponytail

Author — Monica Castillo


I’m a licensed cosmetologist and I think the ONLY thing I noticed that I would suggest correcting is the scissors. I know professional scissors are expensive, but there is a reason why we don’t use household scissors to cut hair in salons. Process scissors also have a specific weight and balance to them that helps them to cut through even thick and coarse hair like a razor blade and quickly. When you’re trying to get even, shag type layers and to do an inverted cut on the ends, the sharper the scissors the better. I would recommend going to Sally’s or a beauty shop other than Wal-Mart and shelling out the money for quality scissors. You’ll get great results and lose less length in correction cuts over all. Otherwise you rocked it girl!!!

Author — SUGAR AND SPICE and everything knitty


Thank you for this video, it worked for me. You’re a beautiful girl- ignore the haters! You’re perfect just the way you are 😊

Author — Candace Crook


So i tried And guess what?!

worked.!!! Thank you for this DIY Vid and best part about it i save money.. Your great, thanks again 🤗

Author — Kaylin Reyes


Why has this vid so many dislikes? It gives good advice. Is it just because she isn't a little Barbie doll like other girls who make tutorials? Shallow world.. ._.

Author — ShyFeli


I’ve been procrastinating getting my hair cut for so long that I just had enough, so I found this video and cut off about 6” of my hair. It looks awesome and it only took a few minutes. Thank you sooo much for making this video!

Author — Lindsey Salls


When I saw the thumbnail I thought you were gonna cut it at the hair tie and i was thinking “oh no this isn’t going to end well” at first

Author — Vlogzzz Life


What a sweet gal to share a helpful video to help others who may not have the funds to spend on hair cuts. Hats off on your generous sharing.☺️

Author — Linda W


I'm sure you get this comment all the time. You look like "Melissa McCarthy" sound like her too. Great way to cut your hair thank you🙋🏼

Author — Tamara Weber


At first I was worried you would cut it straight ahead, but when I saw you cut it the right way, I was relieved.

*btw your hair is sooo beautiful!*

Author — Toxic Toast


This is the same technique that we used in the 1960’s to have a “natural shag”.

Author — Yellow RoseOfTexas


your hair is so healthy and shiny 😍 i wish mine was like that haha

Author — ali km


Nice job on your hair and thank you so much for posting it. You seem very nice and are lovely, especially your smile.💖👍🏽🥰

Author — Zep 4


i have no intention of cutting my own hair yet it's 2 am and this is what i'm watching

Author — katie healy


I absolutely LOVE you Mickie! so many times I have cut my hair becaue I couldn't afford the hairdresser, then eventually I go to a hair dresser and they say 'WHO??? CUT YOUR HAIR!' You are gorgeouse, kind and helpful, thank you! xxx

Author — Elizabeth Butler