How to beautifully cut your own hair (M by Mickie)

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How to beautifully cut your own hair (M by Mickie) 3.5

DIY at home haircut - FOOLPROOF!!
So you think you can't cut your own hair- wrong! You can! Follow the simple steps in this video and discover the beautiful results! When I discovered how to cut my hair like this, and the results were so amazingly good- I was hooked! And you will be too. So have fun and remember, when someone compliments your hair, you can brag and say you cut it yourself!

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*WARNING: This haircut works best with LONG hair like I have in the video. If you have medium or short hair, this technique will still cut your hair but the outcome may be different then the outcome in the video.

Hairbrush: by BedHead. I bought this one at Ross, but I've seen them online for $12.

*FYI- I did learn how to do this cut from a professional hairdresser from Australia.
*Cut your hair at your own risk :)


"My Hair Care Routine"

"How to cut men's hair" (at the end of this video, I show you all the tools I used including my scissors)

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I don't get why there are comments about her weight on here, this is a hair cutting video not a judge people video

Author — Vanessa Alvarado


Don't talk about people's body it dosent matter



I have not had a hair cut in over two years because could not afford it I even do my own dying of my hair. I watched you video and I am so grateful for that video. You mad it so easy to do. I am disabled now so it was very uplifting for me to be able to cut my hair. Thank you so very much.

Author — Mary Dozier : Mary's Pretty Things


When she smiles it lights up the real. Omg!

Author — Diana f


I’ve been procrastinating getting my hair cut for so long that I just had enough, so I found this video and cut off about 6” of my hair. It looks awesome and it only took a few minutes. Thank you sooo much for making this video!

Author — Lindsey Salls


Why has this vid so many dislikes? It gives good advice. Is it just because she isn't a little Barbie doll like other girls who make tutorials? Shallow world.. ._.

Author — ShyFeli


When I saw the thumbnail I thought you were gonna cut it at the hair tie and i was thinking “oh no this isn’t going to end well” at first

Author — Vlogzzz Life


Thank you for this video, it worked for me. You’re a beautiful girl- ignore the haters! You’re perfect just the way you are 😊

Author — Candace Crook


So i tried And guess what?!

worked.!!! Thank you for this DIY Vid and best part about it i save money.. Your great, thanks again 🤗

Author — Kaylin Reyes


Hey ! So, A few years ago, I was on my moms account and I had commented something like " you are so beautiful but you would look like an angel if you lost a little bit of weight " so today, I want to apologize about what I wrote that day. You are stunning and beautiful, and I was just a stupid kid who didn't understand that words can hurt. I hope you read this and forgive me😊😊 xxx

Author — salloummah


At first I was worried you would cut it straight ahead, but when I saw you cut it the right way, I was relieved.

*btw your hair is sooo beautiful!*

Author — Toxic Toast


I'm sure you get this comment all the time. You look like "Melissa McCarthy" sound like her too. Great way to cut your hair thank you🙋🏼

Author — Tamara Weber


I absolutely LOVE you Mickie! so many times I have cut my hair becaue I couldn't afford the hairdresser, then eventually I go to a hair dresser and they say 'WHO??? CUT YOUR HAIR!' You are gorgeouse, kind and helpful, thank you! xxx

Author — Elizabeth Butler


What a sweet gal to share a helpful video to help others who may not have the funds to spend on hair cuts. Hats off on your generous sharing.☺️

Author — Linda W


your hair is so healthy and shiny 😍 i wish mine was like that haha

Author — ali km


Not sure what ms amber lemonade said, but yep, i’m with you on here, this is not about weight issues, this is about how to save money, and cut your own hair! Go Mickie! You rock, Girl!

Author — C Din


During these Covid-19 times, I'm so happy for this tutorial. My hair has always been a disaster but not being able to cut it every once in a while is hard.

Author — Siw Kjellstadli


I've done this it's awesome!
I was scared at first. But it really work's and saves $$$

Author — Sharon Alabama


Who else thought she was going to cut off the whole pony tail

Author — Joslyn Stokes


This is how Farrah Fawcett said she cut her hair back when she first became famous.

Author — Susan Shepherd