Stupid Watergate: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Stupid Watergate: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 5

John Oliver discusses the shocking magnitude and potential impact of the latest revelations surrounding the Russia investigation.

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“Four days ago, which is equivalent to 150 years in 2017 time...”
Me, in 2020: oh, just you wait. Just. You. Wait.

Author — Sam K


3 years later this just feels like a normal week.

Author — Bea Becker


"...just *4 days ago, * which is the equivalent of 150 years in 2017 time"
**laughs in 2020**

Author — MiriH42


"I don't know about you, but this week has drained me." Oh, sweet summerchild....

Author — Mond Hase


"... there's no sex, there's no money... this is a boring scandal."

Boy, THAT didn't age well.

Author — Levyathyn


Two years later and I honestly had trouble remembering this investigation Because there's been so many

Author — amanmangor


John Oliver (2017): "This is not normal."  

John Oliver (2020): Hold my beer.

Author — south sider96


It says something about 2020 that re-watching this feels nostalgic.

Author — Chasing Autumns


This will be buried in these comments... to the person who made that graphic of the kid catching the parents 69'ing, you are a master of the graphic arts. I salute you.

Author — Mike Ramey


"2017 was the worst year"
2020 - "hold my beer"

Author — Avor A Variant of Roar


“What would a Trump impeachment look like?”

Well then that aged well

Author — FrostyWheats


Christ this feels like it was a century ago.

Author — Legend


The truly sad thing is that here we are, in September 2019, and a great deal of the jaw-dropping events detailed in this episode have been forgotten, and eclipsed hundreds of times by equally bad or worse scandals in Drumpf's administration.

Author — Frank Smith

Author's 2020. I can't even remember this. The world has just been every day of "hold my beer." Now we're all just trying not to die.

Author — 1hymenoptera


Sometimes I find the US incredibly funny and entertaining, until I realize they're actually serious.

Author — caro jüng


Feb 2020 here - This story almost seems quaint by today's standards. Impeached but acquitted, purging the government ranks for loyalty reasons, and brazenly abusing his power. The time has passed to be very afraid.

Author — VB S


This showed up on my recommended videos. He started talking about a trump scandal and I honestly had no idea which one it was. Does anyone have a count at this point?

Author — Matthew Ives


If trump took a dump on a desk, not only would people defend him, they would somehow blame Obama

Author — StressedMango


Would love a recap before 2020 election of Trump's most serious in office offences

Author — Scott Farris


Yes, the SUPER fancy and elite Dijon mustard. It’s so exclusive and expensive, I can buy an entire bottle of it at my local grocery store in my midwestern town of less than 1000 people. God, I miss Obama.

Author — CJ 442