Sikorsky S-97 Raider test flight - 2019-06-25

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Sikorsky S-97 Raider test flight - 2019-06-25 5

Sikorsky test site, Jupiter, Florida

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Its really quite in stealth mode but when they push it sounds like a swarm of ANGRY BEES!

Author — David James


Why is it taking so long to become a reality?! It is a beauty and undoubtedly good.

Author — Pintuxo


Nice. The Lockheed / Sikorsky team have a winner. This aircraft will revolutionize rotary flight. Love to see what it will do when cleared for 100%. “MERICA”.

Author — LA


The stealth mode is really impressive!

Author — Eli M.


Thing looks like it can move pretty well when it needs to

Author — Brian Crawford


I want to see these used in police chases!

Author — Mr. Wednesday


the funny thing, the design from this nice machine remind me the 1951 Breguet G111 helicopter prototype ( without the pusher propeller)...after this prototype did Breguet stops the helicopter development because financial problems...was later buy from Dassault...

Author — analyste


Ever since the Cheyenne Lockheed has recognized the brilliance of putting a pusher propeller system on a helicopter. It has taken 40 years for technology and computing power to make it combat ready, but I hope the military sees the game changing nature of this bird.

Author — Brian Moore


That sounds 😍 and it's so ugly I actually kinda like it

Author — Crackomonkey21


This thing has been decades in the making. The coaxial rotor should help in high altitude and high heat environments like Afghanistan.

Author — Nunya Bznss


Nice seems like the kinks are nearly sorted.

Author — Mark Maxwell


Better hope the program doesn't get cancelled just before going into full-scale production.

Author — Flyboy


Only thing more impressive than this Raider demonstrator is the pilots testing it. Major cajones taking up such a radical new design.

Author — networkdeath1


Kolejna zabawka do zabijania ludzi....nice

Author — HOTAIR83


Тяжелый на разгон, громоздкий, неповоротливый. Шумный. Соосная схема -это для сельского хозяйства. Бредятина. Деньги на ветер. Француз с двумя толкающими винтами - у быстрее, и маневреннее. Сикорский вырождается.
Heavy on acceleration, bulky, clumsy. Noisy. The coaxial scheme is for agriculture. Nonsense. Money down the drain. A Frenchman with two propellers is faster and more maneuverable. Sikorsky is degenerating.

Author — Алекс Сим


A far far better option over tilt rotor.

Author — Joe Schmalzel


Great looking machine, and without the weird pusher prop it's pretty quiet. The coaxial main rotor design will really pay off, as it has with Kamov helicopters and others over time. Would love to hear the reasoning behind that pusher prop, though. I'm guessing it's for a bit of extra top-end speed, but how much does it really give them? Also, it looks like they reversed it in the 2nd half of the video and were able to maintain a nose-down angle of attack while circling the runway, which is interesting, but what's the practicality behind it? Would love a look inside at some point, too.

Author — Meadmaker 452


Originally designed in the 60’s. And now they want to resurrect it and try to sell it today. Ain’t gonna sell idiots. Stop wasting your r&d money.

Author — Allen