Coronavirus is not the flu. It's worse.

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Coronavirus is not the flu. It's worse. 4.5

Send this to anyone who still thinks Covid-19 is basically the same as the flu.

Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, has similar symptoms to the flu. They also spread in similar ways. So it's natural to want to compare the two. But Covid-19 is very different, in ways that make it much more dangerous. And understanding how is key to understanding why we have to take it so seriously.

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Imagine if someone in 2019 said next year you will be an effective member of society by staying home and watching Netflix

Author — John Spinelli


“Social Distancing is our best defense”
Schools: *Imma pretend I didn’t hear that*

Author — happy idiot


"Not being around anyone and staying home as much as possible"
That doesn't sound much different than my life.

Author — KDestroyer 9


"It's like the flu" Yeah and a Lamborghini is like a corolla. It has four wheels, AC, seats, takes you places... yeah pretty much alike. Like a truck, also.

Author — superharryboy


"only killed 32, 000, but scientist expect that number to go up, way up"

oh how right they were

Author — John Kim


Everybody gangsta till “Total Organ Failure” mutates

Author — Emi E


Donald Trump.... Completely blowing his response to Corona Virus, KILLING COUNTLESS AMERICANS and just Absolutely destroying the American Economy

Author — Gunflint Viking North


Everybody gangster until god starts playing plague inc.

Author — Wcd_waffles FN


Being a hero has never been this easy. Just staying home in your pyamas and watch tv means saving hundreds of lives.

Author — Marco Bot


Months later, usa is first, covid killed more then the flu does per year, its spreading faster, and killing more.

Author — Elite


2020 : The year your hands will consume more alcohol than your mouth .

Author — sticksomechopsunderthegrill


Can we re-install the 2020 version? it looks like it has a virus :S

Author — thechosenone


Karens when they see the title:
*I M P O S S I B L E* ! Get me the Earth's manager!

Author — Ish Lia


Basically coronavirus is flu 2.0 pro max premium performance edition

Author — Charles Song


*Me before the pandemic* :she’s hot, how can I approach her.
*Me during covid* : she’s _hot_, i better distance myself

Author — Matt tò mò


April fools is cancelled due to this whole year being a joke., ..

Author — Ask Reddit


Unfortunately the R-nought of the Coronavirus is not two anymore. The R-nought is now at 3.8-8.9 according to cdc.

Author — seth dela vega


WHO: Stay at home

Work: See you tomorrow

Author — II Fabo II


that's why no one is posting "feeling sick" on Facebook....

Author — Dammy Araneta


Everyone at the end of 2019: Well 2019 is almost over maybe 2020 will finally be a good year for me 2020: Nope, try again.

Author — mikea hiooi