🍨 Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs | Baby Songs by Dave and Ava 😍

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🍨 Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs | Baby Songs by Dave and Ava 😍 3

Sing along to nursery rhymes and kids songs with Dave and Ava!

Are you the biggest fan of Dave And Ava? Don’t miss this nursery rhymes collection as we are going to hum along to the most popular songs for kids and watch your favorite episodes.
Catch up with with your favorite characters - it’s #DaveAndAvaTime!

Go to your favorite nursery rhyme by selecting a title below:

00:19 Ice Cream Song
03:18 Down by the Bay
05:36 OSCAR
10:02 Brush Your Teeth
12:28 The Farmer in the Dell
15:24 Ava, Ava, Yes Mama
18:08 Wheels on the Bus
20:51 Five Little Kittens Jumping on the Bed
23:41 Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
25:41 Yankee Doodle
27:45 One Little Finger – Part 2

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Hi 👋 I'm not even going to school tomorrow but I'm so excited to be in my life today I can't believe how much I miss you today so much please follow us all the time you have to school for the best day here in my life I hope your happy 😊 and you love you so much and keep doing it for me so much until I'm done ✅ and you are so perfect 👌🏻 and I'm not a man of a man who you know,

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Ummm is the thing Philip hide is a cupcake

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I love Dave and ava ava look like my sister

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Hi I am a fan of you and you will never be able to see the world today so I'm happy for you to be my friend you're the only person that ever came you love .

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I have to watch this torture with my baby sister

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I love that this video instead of it being a dog it is a cat because most of the videos of bingo now it is Oscar great job I love your videos and me a baby sister loves your videos to

Author — Max and Nikki’s Channel


Hi Dave & Eva, I couldn't thank you enough for your videos. My son started watching/sometimes listening when he was 2 months old. He really loves you.

Author — Kech N