Pune and the Maratha Empire

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Pune and the Maratha Empire 4.5

For around a century, Pune city was at the heart of the Maratha empire, as its armies marched across India from Attock to Cuttack. Catch the story of Pune's glory days and how it then became, the Queen of the Deccan, with author and historian, Uday S Kulkarni

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The Maratha empire is my favourite Indian monarchy. Love from Canada! <3

Author — Samurai_64


But for peshwas india could have gone to docks they remained the guardians ofnorth india their valour is second to none

Author — Narayanan Seetharaman


थोरले बाजीराव ग्रेट होतेच. मराठा साम्राज्याच्या विकासामागे त्यांचा मोठा हात होता हेही मान्य. परंतु कुलकर्णी सर 'थोरले शाहू हे निष्क्रिय होते' हे विधान कशाच्या आधारावर करतात हे स्पष्ट करावे. छत्रपती थोरल्या शाहूंच्या मुत्सद्देगिरीची अनेक उदाहरणे समोर आहेत. अभ्यासकांनी शाहू रोजनिशी विवेकाने तपासली तर अनेक मुद्दे समोर येतात. परंतु उदय कुलकर्णी यांचे हे विधान बघता त्यांचा शाहूंच्या कार्यकाळकडे बघण्याचा दृष्टीकोन योग्य नाही असे स्पष्ट दिसून येते.

Author — Ashish Shinde Sarkar


they should have completely removed nizam and mughal, we are paying price of that....whaht a waste...

Author — Adam Parkar


Dr. Uday S Kulkarni is an authority on medieval Deccan history. I have read his books.

Author — Prashant J


Maharastrians never talk about their history of first millennium .
Karnataka Kannada empires like Chalukyas and Rastrakootas were ruling entire Maharashtra for a good number of centuries In fact Kailas temple at Ellora Ajanta paintings etc were done during the first millennium by Kannada empire Kings like Krishna III
Kannada Chalukya emperor Pulikeshi II won a significant battle against the proud northern king Harshavardhna and made northerners stop at river Narmada thus creating a separate historical narrative for deccan for ever

Huen Tsang from China who visited the deccan states that the major language between Godavari and Kaveri rivers was Kannada.Many Kannada castes and tribes converted linguistically to Marathi over a period of time

The Rastrakoota kings conquered almost whole of India in the last centuries of the first millennium The conquests in first millennium are strangely exactly mirrored by Marathas including northern forays and conquests. The Marathas are linguistically converted Kannadigas .

Maharastrains should not sever their historical racial and linguistic links with Kannadigas

Even Vijayanagar empire was ruling over Maharashtra just before arrival of Shivaji .
The idea of Hindu empire was ingrained in the young Shivajis mind during his stay in Bangalire There were stories of the just bygone Vijayanagar empire and the exploits of Kings like Krishnadevaraya heard by the young Shivaji and his mind started thinking of a similar sanatan dharma based empire
Jai Karnataka
Jai Maharastra
Jai Bharath

Author — Mahesh M


Great video as usual! Have read both of Dr Kulkarni's books and thoroughly enjoyed them

Author — Outback and About


Brilliantly captured. It was the lust for power and political importance that wrecked the vast empire that started as a right to self determination against the Mughal sultanate.

Author — Tushar Jambhekar


Great video. Every important fact is vividly captured. Peshwa history has got complete recognition. Thanks

Author — Rajat M


Great true history! The Great Maratha Empire ! The Great Chattrapati Shivaji!

Author — Alpha Ridh


Really love the content produced by this channel, thank you so much and please also make a video on the history of Ahmedabad city 🙂👍

Author — rajendra trivedi


A city with great I surely want to visit atleast once in my life....

Author — Ali Ehtisham


Well explained Sir. The subject should have been covered in at least 2 episodes by the producers. None the less, a good and impartial presentation. Deserves respect.

Author — Santosh Mone


I felt why not install Raghunathrao as Peshwa despite all his bad deeds.... only for sake of empire... because at that time empire need a strong adult man to lead..just because of this blunder you lost entir country to British?

Author — Saurabh Patil


Had there been no PANIPAT DEFEAT for the MARATHAS, there is high possibility of NO BRITS rule in INDIA... it were MARATHAS who genuinely ended the MUSLIM rule in INDIA...

Author — Deepak Negi


Wrong history about Srimanth Subhedar Malhar rao Holkar Maharaj and Yashwant rao Holkar Maharaj.. Yashwant rao Holkar Maharaj was undefeated King and the only king who was standing against British till last..He was the only king to whom British were feared of and the only king to whom British approached to sign peace treaty on equal terms and he was the Strongest King..and we are requesting you to use word Maharaj while using his name..
🚩👑 Maharajah Chatrapati Yashwant rao Holkar 👑🚩JAI MALHAR JAI AHILYA JAI SHIVRAY

Author — Dhadas


The fall of Nana Fadnavis was the fall of peshwai.

Author — Gunjan Gaekwad NVS


Haar haar Mahadev jai Shivaji jai Bhavani

Author — sumit c


now matter how metropolitan or cosmopolitan pune becomes, it's culture and heritage wouldn't go for centuries.

Author — Shubz Deshmukh


Beautiful narration _ this should be taught in each and every school

Author — Neil