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Pet ownership is on the rise due to COVID-19 and vets are busier than ever. On The Red Dot enters the clinics of three of Singapore’s busiest vets, for a look at what happens at the vets.

Rescue dog Milo is a 12-year-old Golden Retriever that has been living with a debilitating spinal injury for years. He has come to Dr Jean-Paul Ly for a difficult surgery to repair his nerve damage, in the hopes that he may live out the rest of his days without pain.

Maltese Tofu had his jaw removed due to cancer. He has returned to see Dr Lee Yee Lin for a quick check up and removal of his stitches.

Luna the cat has taken a tumble from thirteen storeys, breaking her leg in the process. Can Dr Nicholas Woo change her bandages without getting scratched by Luna?

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As an avid animal lover, this docu nearly brought me to tears.

You’ve outdone yourself CNA!
We need more quality contents like this one.

Author — Ramadhan Pujaan


Milo is now free from pain and suffering. Rest well 😭

Author — E.N


I'm already feeling stressed just watching the vets from this video. Can't imagine how many times harder it is for them and the animals :( A big thank you to all the amazing vets out there!!

Author — Samantha


Vet industry is a really stressful field. But is so worth it when you see patients go home happier. Kudos to my clinic's vets, mad respect.

Author — shiitake chen


Rest in peace sweet Milo. Thank you so much Hope Dog Rescue volunteers, Chris and Fiona, for seeing to Milo's needs and showering him with love.🙏😪❤

Author — Pricilla Pennefather


Dr Ly is truly a saint 😭😭😭 incredibly dedicated

Author — asdfghjkl qwertyuiop


Milo's passing has moved me to tears.. Run free Milo.. No more suffering.. You are a fighter & it's time for you to rest. 😔🤧😭

Author — Eberouge19


Kudos to all of the amazing vets out there in SG ❤️

Author — Sayuri Kinomoto


😭😭😭 milo Rest In Peace. U touched my heart ♥️ thanks to all who helped milo and who’s continue helping the pets to have a better life ♥️♥️♥️

Author — violet lim


Thank you CNA team for taking unique topics

Author — Dini Sani


RIP Milo I hope you are in a better place with no sufferings 😢

Author — Edesonism


Veterinarian: It's very depressing.
Me a 1st year veterinary: 👀

Author — hack king


So sad that Milo passed away. My tears cant stop.. 😭😭

Author — Phola G


I am a dog owner myself, and it's really hard to watch this episode. RIP MILO :(

Author — CSY


So thankful for all committed Vets.. God Bless..

Author — Frankie Teo


I understand the love for Milo means we want him to survive. But he is in so much pain. Isn't it better to put him to sleep years ago? Is it nature's course to keep such a sick dog alive? Genuine question not trying to say animal's life are worthless.

Author — James Chan


I can handle human stories... But dogs i just bawled my eyes

Author — shannen cj 22


wa endless content on this topic. someone is gonna get a raise

Author — CY T


saw At the Vet’s, got excited

it only added to my depression

Author — Sarah Tan


Rip Milo!! I hate to see animals suffering

Author — tycoon