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Fandom: Game of Thrones.

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Author — Zurik 23M


His Kingslayer status is so high, that he pushed Bran out that window 7 seasons before he became King.

Author — Vil


The only Lannister that fought against the army of the dead, a man of honor.

Author — Lemon Tree


When tyrion said to jaime "you were the only one who didnt treat me like a monster. U were all I made me really emotional. The love for brother is so pure and so strong. This is proved by this sentence.

Author — Syed Intisar Hossain


Character arcs: exist
Season 8: BURN THEM ALL.

Author — mully the bully


"To be honest, I never really much cared for them. Innocent or otherwise."

-Jaime Lannister, the man who sacrified his honor and pride by killing his king to save innocents. The man who had to deal with being called the Kingslayer and being seen as an oath breaker when he did everything he did just to save people. The man who besides all of this, kept trying to be a good and honorable person, keeping promises and helping the ones he loved and cared about.

Look how they massacred my boy

Author — Zeno :D


"Jamie fooking´ Lannister",

Psychologically the deepest character of the entire series.

Author — NgVc


Jamie Lannister is a living example of how people tend to judge a regular man just by his common failures without knowing what's really deep in his heart.

Author — Omar González Pérez


Most Hated Character In Season 01
One of The most Loveable Character's in Season 08

Author — Bhupesh Dhami


I realised watching this that John, who is the most honorable character on the show, end up with the same destiny of Jaime, killing off his queen for the greater good. Just curious. Maybe Jaime was right all along.

Author — MCEdits


Imagine how epic it would have been if he killed Cersi, completing his kingslayer arc as the queenslayer

Author — Emily Knutsson


Brienne was one of the few characters in the show consistently true of heart and never wavering in her honor and integrity.  It's no accident Jamie was drawn to her.  Cersei was the woman he thought he deserved, but Brienne was the woman he NEEDED.  The choice he ultimately made was tragic, but probably inevitable.

Author — PCBacklash _


"That's Jaime fokin Lanister" lool
This line never gets old.

Author — harshpal singh


' Things we do for love' is not just his line.. Its his fate..

Author — Ban me


The fight with Euron: the fight nobody wanter nor needed

Author — tonton6969


"if the gods are just than why is the world full of injustice" Jaime. damn that's deep.

Author — puululos


I don't know if you guy noticed, but Jaime never lost a duel. Even without hia right hand.

Author — Akash Chauhan


Despite their privileged background, both the Lannister brothers had seriously messed up childhoods.

Author — sameer thakur


“I never really cared for them: innocents or otherwise”
Uhm... says the man who sacrificed his honor and broke an oath to save millions of people.

I’m really starting to think the writers didn’t even watch their own show.

Author — Illy


You Were The Only One, Who Didn't Treated Me Like A Monster, You Were All I Had. These lines gave me goosebumps 🥺🥺🥺